Apple boss Tim Cook recommends Android instead of iPhone

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Android vs. iPhone — This discussion is almost as old as the modern smartphone. Usually Google recommends no products of competition as owners from Android, as well as Apple does not advise buying Android devices.

Thats exactly what Apple boss Tim Cook has done now. At least under a certain condition, its view makes sense to buy a smartphone with Googles operating system.

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What does Apple boss speak?

The statement of the Apple boss fell as part of an interview, as MacRumors knows how to report. It was about the topic Side loading,

This is how to install apps on a smartphone that does not come from the Official App Store of — depending on the device — Apple or Google.

Apples golden cage

While Side loading is easily possible under Android, Apple does not allow this procedure for iPhones. This always ensures criticism of the state of the US company, because this restricts the freedom of choice of users.

iPhone apps only from the App Store

Tim Cook at WWDC 2014 on iOS vs. Android and why it sucks so bad Apples Chief Tim Cook speaks in the already mentioned interview against Side loading. For him, safety and privacy are more important. Who allows Side loading, be like a carmaker who waives straps and airbags, so the somewhat bumpy comparison of Cook.

Why does Tim Cook Android recommended?

If you want to side load you can buy an Android phone, is therefore the conclusion of the Apple boss on the subject. A statement that would never normally expect from Tim Cook. But he is right: the easiest way to install apps from non-official stores is the purchase of a device with Android.

Basically, Side loading is also possible with iPhones. But that works only about the detour of a jailbreak. App stores of Amazon and Co. — in Android has been customary for years — it will probably not be more likely to give iOS devices.

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