At Short Hike will arise on Xbox and PlayStation and November 16th

Award-Winning Adventure, A Short Hike, Headed To PS4 And Xbox One On November 16...

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Two years after his exit, this little bird continues to fly. The adorable exploration game A Short Hike, developed by Adam Robinson, will soon be available on the rest of the market consoles, from November 16th. In this little game all in voxel, we embody clear while it is on vacation on an island offering all kinds of summer activities: fishing, volleyball, running, or sand castle construction. But Claire has a more important goal: to succeed in climbing up the mountain to take news from his mother. To accomplish this goal, it will have to collect golden feathers to help improve its endurance. A two-hour parenthesis of about two hours of life who, after his initial output on PC two years ago and then on Switch in the summer of 2020, will therefore be available on Xbox One, Series, PS4 and PS5 consoles from the 16th November.