Battlefield 2042 practically double its number of players regarding the previous delivery, according to EA

Battlefield has become one of those annual showers who need to meet the expectations of millions of players, but it seems that this last goal has not been fulfilled with Battlefield 2042. But, although the title has highlighted to be located between the worst valued games From Steam's story, EA says that there really are many users enjoying the war battle. An affirmation with which they indicate that their last launch practically bends the number of players that Battlefield V had in the same period of time.

We are happy to see that many of you go back to the battlefield EA The distributor has explained this in a publication in his blog, where they thank the community all the love towards the franchise: Only they have passed A few days since the global launch, and there are already millions like you playing Battlefield 2042. We are happy to see that many of you go back to the battlefield, almost double at this time than in our last launch.

Battlefield 2042 Vehicles VS Infantry - 128 Player Battles | LIVE

This could catch some readers by surprise, since in the latest data from the United Kingdom we knew that Battlefield 2042 sold 59% less than the previous delivery, although in this statement the digital downloads are not taken into account. Therefore, and without having more specific numbers of EA, it is possible that sales in digital format have had a great impact on the success of the game, something that could be added all the players who have taken advantage of the EA advance test version of EA Play and Xbox Game Pass.

Of course, the entrance of Battlefield 2042 on the market has been the most uncertain, as the users' criticisms have come accompanied by the recent abandonment of their design chief. However, he says he has not thrown the towel and is already preparing a series of updates that intend to improve key aspects of war experience, such as online stability. After all, the partner Mario Gómez has expressed in his analysis of Battlefield 2042 that the developer must strive with the patches if they want to ensure the success of the game.

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