Battlefield 2042: Trick makes you easy to get weapons and unlock essays

Battlefield 1942, short BF1942 or BF42, is a video game of Digital Illusion CE (DICE) as well as belongs to the vanity or tactic shooter genre. It is the initial part of the Battlefield series and also plays throughout World War II.

In order to level the 22 weapons release battlefield 2042, it requires some patience. With a simple trick but its easy and fast., Mango tells you how.

In Battlefield 2042 you can level up all your weapons. With new levels their new essays and camouflage unlocks for your weapon. The essays can change the feel of the weapon completely — and perhaps also your effectiveness with it.

To unlock all the attachments for a weapon in Battlefield 2042, you need about 400 Kills with this weapon. At 22 weapons that can take in normal match long.

Fortunately, there is a trick that you can easily and quickly collect these kills. Best of all, your annoying not even with your farming method other players.

Important Information: Currently, this method is limited to the first essays each weapon. According to the developers, this limitation will be lifted with a later patch (via Twitter).

For many weapons just the first essays that can unlock the most important and helpful. For this reason, the method is worthwhile despite this limitation, even now.

Once this limitation is canceled, well match this article.

Leveling weapons and attachments activate against bots

In Battlefield 2042, it is possible to level with Kill Bot matches your weapons. Killed bots are among the kills that you need to unlock weapons-essays. As you can Einstein the bots to a low degree of difficulty, this method is quick and easy.

So you start a bot-match: To start a match against bots, you must note their following steps:

Select the Start menu, the game mode all-out warfare. Changing the Game Mode. Goes on With Mice & Keyboards: Click in the box change game mode. Bottom left of the lettering With Controller: Pressing X (Xbox) or square (PlayStation) Selects the upper right Solo & Loop from With Mice & Keyboards: Click on the word Solo & Co. With Controller: presses RB (Xbox) and R1 (PlayStation)

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Choose between conquest or breakthrough Optional: Changes the difficulty of the bots and the Map With Mice & Keyboards: Suppress F. With Controller: Pressing Y (Xbox) or triangle (PlayStation) Leave the screen and start the game

So this method works: After a few moments you should be in the bot match. Now try to kill as many bots as possible. But makes sure that you actually used the weapon for kills, the leveling want her.

As in our guide to XP Farming we recommend here the mode breakthrough. Although you can against bots not infinite this farm method to use, but you are so quickly in the action. This helps to gain a lot of kills quickly.

You should quickly see that you unlock through this method with fresh weapons some essays.

Currently, the amount of unlockable attachments is limited per weapon. We recommend that you use a lot of different weapons. You can currently not level up infinite. But the possibilities now enough yet to give you an advantage.

With this method, you can watch the new weapons that youve unlocked, bringing quickly and easily to a level that you can help in real matches. This is especially recommended for the best available weapons.

Will you use this method to you to gain an early advantage? Do you find that levels of weapons in Battlefield 2042 is fun? Or you can find the required number of kills inappropriate? Lets know us in the comments.

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