COD expert reveals trick to level weapons in Vanguard - is so easy that everyone can do that

Valorant is a shooting video clip game on the very first complimentary multiplayer person established and also published by Riot Gaming. The game was announced for the very first time with the name in the Project A in October 2019. It was introduced for Microsoft Windows on June 2, 2020, after its closed beta released on April 7, 2020.

Who In call of Duty: Vanguard wants to have all attachments for a weapon, it must level up first. This can be quite stressful, especially if you have to constantly compete against to good players. The Cod expert James GOD Godly explains how to do it quite easily — even solo.

What is this a trick? GOD shows in a short clip on Twitter as he Level this weapons. According to his own statements, he now has 25 of the 32 weapons from Vanguard on the maximum level.

For the trick he just goes the shooter in zombie mode. This has a solo option that you select and play can. He walks around in the starting area and kill the zombies that are there, with a melee attack.

This works because the zombies in the first level already die at once. Each zombie is but a decent amount of experience for the weapon. After roughly 35 zombies he leaves the round and start a new game.

This method repeats the expert just until the weapon the maximum level has been reached. Which is in most arms 70, in pistols only 60. In the video, he just Level this Klauser-gun:

What weapons leveling In Call of Duty: Vanguard turns her on higher levels of weapons new essays free. This requires you to adjust your weapons — such as with special ammunition or even more useful silencers.

With up to 10 attachments, the weapons can be provided. This also their effectiveness varies partially enormous. Some weapons are certain setups to absolute monsters:

weapons level up to 4 hours: Boring but efficient

As long as the levels takes: When asked how long GOD need for leveling, he answers: 3 hours for each gun from level 1 to 60 and 4 hours for any other weapon from level 1-70. Absolute time, not game time (via

However, he makes use of apparently double weapon XP tokens. This will get you around through levels in Battle through. There is for certain events double experience points in all modes.

The method is probably not the fastest, but the most secure. Absolutely anyone can imitate and does it involve any prior knowledge. Since you have to prove opponent AI only against, you can mow down no professionals in open rounds.

The 4 hours a weapon are therefore the guaranteed maximum, leveling a weapon, even if it is monotonous. GOD himself says: This is boring, but effective.

How to Level Up Weapons in Vanguard Faster | Call of Duty What other methods are there? Normally Level their weapons simply by using the various game modes. The better you are and the more kills you make, the more XP also exist. In our guide takes you more tips for faster levels:

Confirmed on fast as maps and Shipment The house and in modes like Team Deathwatch or launching, does it very quickly. The problem is, however, able to quickly break that strong opponent you're running, and you so go with little experience home.

If you do not want the same level up all the weapons, and you have chosen any favorite weapon, you will find some tips on Mango which weapons are worthwhile. We show you the best weapons with setups in Cod Vanguard.