Forza Horizon 5: Beautiful Xbox

The praise hymns for Fora Horizon 5 have been literally overshadowed since the recently released release of the Fun Racer: as a grandiose masterpiece and the prettiest Open World racing game at all, the title of developer Playground Games was referred to in the PUGH test or, Rolled the Xbox version from the test bench of the colleagues of PC Games. The beautiful Megabit can currently be purchased for Xbox Series X / S at MediaMarkt at a low price of only 59.99 euros — free shipping and available from stock.

What distinguishes Fora Horizon 5 on the Xbox Series X?

Fora Horizon 5 is on the Xbox Series X a true eyes and simply a brilliant Open World game, which is undoubtedly one of the best video games of recent years. Whether you are racing-fan, graphic enthusiast or just open-world discoverers, through the strong focus on adventure and exploration and the 500 almost photorealistic cars, the ingenious racing game on Xbox for each player type. Anyone who gets involved in the Parisian Mexico, which is rewarded with a game fun promise in one of the most beautiful virtual resorts that there are currently admiring. For Xbox Series X / S, Fora Horizon 5 can be purchased at MediaMarkt at a low price of only 59.99 euros free shipping and available from stock. Normally you pay 10 euros more for the Open World Racer.

Buy: Fora Horizon 5 Xbox Series X / S at Mediamarkt for 59.99 euros

The advantages of Fora Horizon 5 at a glance

Fora Horizon 5 convinces with its beautiful open game world Source: PC Games Hardware

One of the graphically breathtaking games of the current generation Beautiful open game world invites to explore and linger Great story mode in the form of expeditions we immerse in Mexico's culture Lots of varied racing, exploration and party activities Many ways to use themselves creatively Over 500 vehicles from well-known manufacturers who leave nothing to be desired Excellent technical condition Fun and intense arcade driving Improved vehicle behavior next to the route and in the water Varied soundtrack, with many well-known hits and music beads Decreased reward system that is less overwhelmed than in the past Great pacing when unlocking the many events Even on the eight-year-old Xbox One handsome and well implemented

Buy: Fora Horizon 5 Xbox Series X / S at Mediamarkt for 59.99 euros

Fora Horizon 5 Limited Edition Controller from Microsoft

Microsoft Xbox Controller Fora Horizon Limited Edition at MediaMarkt for 69.99 Euro Source: Microsoft The ingenious racing game of developer Playground Games honors Microsoft with a limited controller in the design of the Fun Racer. The Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller Fora Horizon 5 Limited Edition has a colorful design of perfectly fits the open game world Mexico. The Fora Horizon 5 Limited can not only be operated at Xbox Series X or Series S, but is also compatible with Xbox One, PC, and Android and iOS devices. For 69.99 euros, the Wireless Controller Fora 5 Limited can be purchased at Mediamarkt.

Buy: Xbox Wireless Controller Fora Horizon 5 Limited at Mediamarkt for 69.99 euros

The Beauty of Forza Horizon 5 Further savings offers are currently available in the Black Week at Mediamarkt.

By Andreas Smedley editor 23.11.2021 at 15:43


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