Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy-- The Definitive Edition Unplayable On PC As Rockstar Gamings Launcher Stays Down

If you purchased Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy-- The Definitive Edition, you re not really able to play it at the moment since the Superstar Gaming Launcher is down as well as has actually been down for almost 20 hrs.

As first reported by, Superstar s own video game launcher dropped about 18 hrs back and because that s exactly how PC gamers must access the trilogy, they aren t able to play their new video games. Rock star has likewise pulled the trilogy from sale on computer so if you don t currently have it, it s not something you can purchase presently.

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Provider for the Superstar Gaming Launcher as well as supported titles are momentarily offline for maintenance, the main Rock star Support Twitter account tweeted the other day. Services will return as quickly as upkeep is completed.

Rock star Support tweeted out an upgrade 14 hrs afterwards very first tweet: upkeep was still happening as well as the launcher was still down. There s been no update since then at the time of this writing.

Aside from required upkeep, Rock star has not formally announced exactly what s wrong or what s going on with trilogy. Maybe something took place on the backend of the launcher or possibly something is ruined in the code of the computer variation. Hopefully Superstar updates players on what happened when the video game goes back online (and is available for purchase once more).

While waiting for that, look into the complete track list offered in the trilogy and after that check out just how Superstar had to eliminate a pair of cheats from it due to technical factors. Look into this tale regarding exactly how San Andreas is being created for Oculus Pursuit 2 afterwards.


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