GTA TRILOGY receives its first mods to improve the status of the game

It is possible that you have seen it everywhere, but we repeat it: the remastered compilation of the Grand Theft Auto trilogy is currently broken everywhere; With errors, failures and an unmanned technique of the 3 monuments that embeds despite some efforts in the sets. In general, it s not really a party, but as soon as a game is fractured up to this point, who will you call? Yes, it is still the same, the community of molders. The same community that Rock star left behind when crushing the 3 original games but embellished by teams of independent developers for years. Once again, these players are happy to restore restoration by rectifying the situation and offering new cleaner assets to download.

At the moment, the Nexuses page of the game is not yet open, but some members of the Forums Forum are waiting to start publishing their work better fact than that done by the company itself. We already have a first fixed element that improves much of the game: rain, particularly shocking in the 3 games. GTA San Andreas already has its mod to download in this direction, and as for GTA 3, as we said a little higher, you will have to wait until your dedicated mods page opens to be able to download anything.

Recall that the same community of modern also arranged the impossible in Ports Infamous on the part of Rock star as it happened with these same games as the famous Bully and who have received enormous supports with additions such as the Silent Patch or the Skybox of GTA San Andreas for Transport ourselves to the saints of a very good way. Who knows, maybe in a few months the Trilogy of GTA is really worthwhile, but we will not be sure if that s thanks to Rock star.

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