[IT magnifying glass] The game is a block chain game... Platform preemption competition lighting

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Exeedme (XED): Earn Money By GAMING! ???? NFT's + Gaming + Blockchain! [Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] The NFT-based game that has grafted the blockchain technology comes from the new wave, and in the coming of the new wavy, domestic major games are raised to the platform preemption. It is the intention to see a platform that can have a plurality of blocks, a platform, which can be achieved. The combination of multiset all.

According to the game industry, according to the game industry, Joy City (Representative Building Won), on the 15th, on the 15th, on the platform Woman, which is in progress. Prior to Action Square, the third external game company was involved in NHN.

Joey City is a plan to prepare the P2E Strategy Game (SLG) market in the Global Market, Hammered Metric: Total Warfare on the Global Market. WIMEIDIDIDILOAT also mobilized the game development and service know-how, which decided to support Joey City.

The NHN (representative Jung Within), which signed the YOU last month, will also release the blockchain game on the W Missing platform. Action Square (representative Kim Yeo-jin) also puts a P2E game with MADRID.

The Remix is ​​a world-renowned global launch as a blockchain, which is a service blockchain. The company plans to launch 100 kinds of games that make up a wicker by using the wicked currency by the end of next year. It is revealing the will that we will take control of the game platform market.

Cacao Games (each representative Nam Gong Hewn, CHO Bung Hymn) was also announcing the envelope of the blockchain. Prior to, Cacao Games has good news that the subsidiary, which is a subsidiary, is a subsidiary, which is a subsidiary, which is a subsidiary, and a new feature that is in developing a NFT exchange specialized in sports and games.

Friend Games merged with Haitians running the Way Tubes, which runs the Born in May this year, followed by the Merged to reinforce the development of the development of Nabs. Nabusuuuuui is a game that the doled representative from the One Games was established in 2018.

NC soft (representative Kim Taejon), which is famous for Lineage, has also been achieved by the blockchain platform. In particular, we also presented blueprints that will transform Purple, a cross-play platform as a blocked platform. It is likely to be a blockchain game that utilizes the main game intellectual property (IP), including the future Lineage. More specific contents are scheduled to be disclosed in a new showcase scheduled to be early next year.

Hong Won Jun NC soft CFO said, In order for NFT to be combined to match the game, management experience and knowledge, technology is the most important, and NC soft is the company that NC soft is the most competitive service. Business, Technical, Legal As a step to review the side, I will announce the game that NFT was applied next year. He also added that self-coin issuance technically was followed and almost completed.

Gatesville (representative use) ahead of the change of the mission to Com2us Holdings also tries to play the day of the day as a blocked platform. Gatesville, which is the two major shareholders of the Korea-Japan cryptographic factory trading, and is a design that publishes its own token C2X and platform the game of various operators.

As the game, the game is afraid to build a platform, the reason for the reasons to grow rapidly is to the intent to preempt the game market, which is a shortage. The fact that companies that have been dominated by PC online and mobile games ahead of PC Online, mobile games, the fact that companies that have been dominated by the platform are leading the market. If you have successfully established the platform, you have the strengths that you have to have a number of users as well as new game marketing.

The blockchain game is not yet deliberated because it is still in Korea, but it has been analyzed that overseas has been actively formed in overseas. Especially, the game Infinite, which is an idiopathic blockchain created by the Vietnamese game, was a great success in the Southeast Asia market and spread the P2E market. SK Securities has expected that the service and the blockchain game market, which utilized NFT, will grow $340 million (about $ 400bn) last year to $2 billion (about W2.370bn).