Nearest Corona Shock at RB Leipzig

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Nearest Corona Shock at the Football Bundesligavers RB Leipzig: According to Chef coach Jesse March, after SID information, co-trainer Achim Barrier has infected with the coronavirus.

Routinely tests on Tuesday have given other positive Corona cases in the carpenter's caregiver staff, the club announced. Additional players were not tested positively.

The planned team training on Tuesday was exposed. Another PCR test series for the entire team was carried out. The results of this test series are expected on Wednesday.

RB Leipzig Sign New Coach The Bundesliga guest match at Union Berlin is not endangered after the current state, RB said. One continues to be in close coordination with the health department and the German Football League (DFL).

Leipzig had been affected by several positive cases. Among other things, march and captain Peter Gulags missed the past two games in the Champions League at the FC Bruges (5: 0) as well as the weekend in the Bundesliga against Bayer Leverkusen (1: 3).

Beiserlorzer had returned March in these two games at the sideline.


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