Psychological Surriller Martha Is Dead Default Lands Launched on February 24, 2022-Announced in a Spooky Trailer

Martha Is Dead - Release Date Trailer

Markus Person, much better recognized as Notch, is an ex-developer of Independent Swedish video clip game, except and owner of the Moving Studios video game business. He is mostly recognized to be the maker and also former designer of the video game Minecraft, which he sold Microsoft for a worth of 2500 million dollars.

Wired Productions has released a release day announcement trailer for psychological slurred Martha is Dead.

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This work is a psychological curer adventure set in 1944 Italy. Until now, detailed dates have been postponed because they were released during 2021 while undecided.

The picture is a very spooky atmosphere, and two women with a good face appeared. However, the situation where the face is bad, and the mouth is sewn, and the situation where the twin sister Massey died of Julia fits the trauma, it thinks the story of the main work of seeking the trauma. Two people say Deny, Meany, Many, MOE and the songs are sorrowful, and the end is looking at this video, and it ends with the old image of the person who has switched it into the coffin.

Martha Is Dead is scheduled to be released on February 24, 2002, 2002 for PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One / Windows (Steam,, Epic Games Store).