Saints Row: Reboot der Open-World-Action

The new part of the Saints Row series, which should represent a reboot of the brand, is postponed. This has announced Publisher Deep Silver. Originally the title should be 25 . February 2022 appear.

When does the reboot of Saints Row appear?

This is now nothing more. Instead, the game will be released just under six months later, namely on 23 . August 2022. As platforms are PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One planned.

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The team around developer studio volition needs more time to miss the game the finishing touch, so the responsible persons. Accordingly, the game should be almost completed, to story and characters should not change anything.

Why is Saints Row moved?

Jim Boone, Chief Creative Officer on Palliation, explains in an update, you wanted to create the best Saint s Row game. The standards you have set would not be achieved for the original release date. The effects of the corona pandemic have also helped to give developers more time to give fans to the game they expect and earn.

Saints Row (2022) Officially DELAYED Until August 2022! What happens in the reboot of Saints Row?

In the new Saints Row we build ourselves with a self-created character a criminal syndicate in the fictitious world of Santa Less. In this case, serial-typically recruited, dangers and overall a lot of chaos is organized. Also read our big preview of Saints Row!

The Publisher promises to provide players in the coming weeks with new gameplay trailers.

From Leonard Fink author & Lukas Schmidt Editorial manager 17.11.2021 at 15:35