The fans of the GTA trilogy are discontented after discovering stranger changes

The Mentalization of the Trilogy of GTA — or as officially known, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — the definitive edition — is not only in poor condition, bogged down with performance problems, but there has also been a lot of debate about the visual style of the remastering That said, although the images of the games divide the fans, in which the players can agree is that the changes in the actual content of the game, despite being minor, to a large extent they are not good.

On behalf of modernity, the game has made changes such as the elimination of the Confederate flag. Meanwhile, the fog of GTA San Andreas has been removed. These changes are not as controversial as others. And the same applies to the changes below, but that does not make them less strange.

There is a store in the original GTA VICE City for Shaft Hot Dog. In the original, the slogan of the store is the taste of a real man s flesh. For some reason, in remastering, this has been changed to the taste of a real man s warmth. Now, it is not clear if this change is due to humans or IA.

This is unforgivable of GTA.

Very similarly, the Screaming Colin s Guitars sign on the same game has also been changed. And this change is surely because an artificial intelligence program did not read it correctly, which in turn suggests that this is what happened with the Slogan of Shaft Hot Do.

At the time of publication, these changes and criticisms that have generated have not been taken care of. If this changes, we will make sure to update the story accordingly. Meanwhile, for more information about remasters and everything related to games, click here.

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