The Finnish Game Awards 2021 - A sympathetic event in which one title was made from the table with the biggest prizes

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The world s opening was once again a concrete example when the Finnish Game Awards was held after the remote year by a hybrid event in Neo games and the Finnish Game Developers. Due to the coronary pandemic situation, there was no press in the Gala, but the console fin was, on the other hand, in official supervisors smelling tunnels.

The banquet was located in Supercell s brand-new premises in the woodcutter in Helsinki in Jätkäsaari. The 100 people invited on the place consisted of almost just the people of the game, so there was no place in other areas. As a fun specialty, festive in costumes and finely residents literally left the shoes in the hallway, as the dressing code belonged to their mouthpiece.

Supercell s Hakka Planned was at the beginning of Galvani Kewpie iTunes. (Photo: Neo games)

Who convinced who was left to lick your nicks?

Year 2020 was in the field of domestic games in so far as it is interesting that big console publications did not appear in the first pandemic year in practice at all, so smaller titles were allowed to shine. You can check the candidate list here.

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Rewards were distributed in five different categories. Zero Games Not napped two of them when it won both the year s console / PC game award and the Finnish game of the year. The Year s Mobile Game Award was scratched by Metacore Games MERGE MANSION, while the Creative Achievement Prize for Creative Achievement (Creative Achievement) was selected by Action Squad Studios iron Danger. Tamperelainen Boom Corp. was elected a year s return.

Voluntary forces Rotating IGA Finland also allocates a couple of special functions annually. This year s volunteer was elected this time Joni Fine, which has been in the organization s Board since 2018. The Life Prize awarded this year Natasha SKUs, which is best known as the founder and CEO of the Mi tale Studio. He has also worked on the IGA Board since April 2020.

The presenters had a pleasure at the top. (Photo: Neo games)

Dieters Supervisors

In addition to the game, the domestic media violence gathered together to follow the gala via Livestream, Neo games s YouTube Channel. In the official supervisors in the Helsinki Bar, there were, among other things, the player Pan Island and editor-in-chief Johanna Augustine, v2.phi Editor Many Parking, Alma Talent s IT journalist Lori Mistaken and For a long time, Digijournalism influenced evening messages Henrik Kärkkäinen, which many remembers the best in the 2020 Great Journalist Award for the 2020 Great Journal Award from the counterpart-information leakage. The console fin was represented by the signatory and the father of all moderators and the mother, i.e. Thomas Toner. The host of the evening was a visions Jeri Koiveniemi and Jerry Turned.

The Finnish Game Awards 2018

The supervisors were really comfortable as an event. Everything shone that the gang just enjoyed from the reunion, because in the corona, no such semblance has been unable to arrange. I have never been even at DigiExpies, so I got the first time to change your thoughts with people in the field. Even though I had never met these people, you felt to be somehow from home. Really refreshing experience!

(Not shown in the picture) NATO took two trophies.

What didn t stay in the hand?

It seems that only in Finland will be able to arrange sympathetic and genuine events. In the Gala, the old decent rallynglant was heard and was seen as a reduction within bubbling joy, small technical problems, as well as award-winning speech and awarded speech to the usual, ten times with artistic A4 paper. The award ceremony also ended ahead of time, which told that there was no longer speech in the stage. Neogames-boss Kewpie iTunes The interviews were necks to be concise.

Livest rites have this for writing about a thousand views, but I truly hope that as many of it would be as possible, because the smile rises into the fierce of the event. In fact, I will look at the show in the coming years, was then on the spot or remotely.

What about the evening in the face of? Warm-hearted people, interesting conversations and perhaps a bit of a beer. Annoyed to leave the last bus to Ursula. It could not have a long time to stay.