Wow Lore: Uther talks about Frostgrams curse

Other Light Bringer was the epitome of a radiant paladin for his lifetime. Even after his tragic death, his name continued to donate humans. In Wow: Shadow lands we saw in the bastion the dark side of Other, who split the Syrians in two enemy camps. In the second story chapter of the current expansion, we manage to free Other from the curse of the Charter Master. In the end he reveals us more about Frost grams curse and what the robbery of his souls splitter meant for him.

Would, Shadow lands and lost souls

Right at the beginning of WoW: Shadow lands supplied the animated short film to live: Bastion an important story puzzle part that explained to us that Frost grams curse for Others was sorry and the many doubts were responsible. The gram blade tore his soul in turn. In the video is clearly to see how the bluish part, which probably symbolizes a part of Other, is drawn in Art has Runenblade.

Later, this part of Other appears as a cursed spirit in the halls of reflection to warn our heroes in front of the Licking. This part of history is currently causing great confusion in the WOW community. When Jain meets Other in Parthia, the magician seems to have forgotten her encounter in the Ice Crown Citadel. Lady Freight Sea is obviously sure in Parthia that the last time she has seen Other in Rathole. The dialogue between Jain and Others Spirit in Would does not play a major role for the story of Shadow lands. What is important in this confused story are the words that Other chooses in Parthia to describe the missing part of his soul. Other talks in Parthia with Jain about Art has, Frost gram and his missing soul sulfur. Source: Uther soul

The power of frost gram

After Usher Jain issued the friendly advice not to forget her love for Art has, the Light Bringer touches the wound, the frost gram once tore in his soul. He describes his death with the following words:

As Art has put me down, Frost gram shattered my soul. However, the blade did not divide her in a noble and a cruel part. It was rather, as if a part of my consciousness was frozen in time, while the rest of my soul moved on. This Missing fragment to feel again... Well, it caused me to think about many of my decisions again.

Others terrible memories of his death and the wound finally explain the situation in which Sylvan as is at the moment. Thanks, Uther, today we know that she has also lost part of her soul by frost gram. This means that Sylvan as had to go through the same martyrdom as Other. The missing part of their soul did not make them angry, but hard and bitter.

UTHER TALKS ABOUT ARTHAS - Kyrian Finale - Kyrian Campaign - World of Warcraft

The part of Others soul, which remained in Zeroth, was eaten by fear and anger. Frost gram stored these negative emotions and shaped Others cursing mind. Source: Blizzard In the context of Other, Sylvan as was trapped by felt eternity between the world of living and the dead. No matter how often the Banseekönigin moved into the fight for Zeroth, the living mistrust you and their undead, yes, most despised them even. These experiences made them blind for false prophets like Oval. Sure, she does not speak of her blame. Nevertheless, Sylvan as should not be forwarded too fast.

What does that mean for Sylvan as?

With the splitter, the Oval Sylvan as returned, she gets a chance to consider her past as a Banseheekönigin from another perspective. This is an important chapter in Sylvan as history, because what happened in the sanctum of the rule is the next big turning point in its character development. No, even with the soul splitter, Sylvan as will never be the person she was at her lifetime. For this you have the experience you made as a Bansheekönigin is too changed much.

Sylvan as, however, will certainly rethink many decisions that met in the years before. And this insight is the key point of Sylvan as story, which is strongly distinguished by the story of Parrish Hellschrei. Parrish has not regretted his crimes to the bitter end. Soul splitter! Sylvan as crime are neither forgotten nor awarded. Source: Blizzard

On the other hand, Sylvan as was often eaten by doubts in Shadow lands and the Banshee rebelled against Oval before her missing soul splinters. Sylvan as history remains controversial, no question. But its fine anyway. After all, the missing soul splitter should not speak her from her debt. However, it is not up to us to punish Sylvan as. Unlike Parrish, she will have to earn her salvation in one way or another. It remains to be seen whether the Lore Leak, who circulated in the network a few weeks ago, conserves themselves and Sylvan as actually occupies the place of the judge at the end of Shadow lands. However, the same, which Final Blizzards development team holds for us ready for us, the current story will be World of Warcraft (Buy Now €14.99) completely change!

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