Champions League - Reus after BVB

In BVB captain Marco Reus frustration was sitting on the preliminary round from the Champions League after beating Besides still deep. Dortmund's captain called for more consistency for the rest of the season.

. Of course, does still hurt because the team that stuff, and the class has to play in the Champions League but if you lose three games, we have its does not deserve, Zeus said after the 5: 0 win over Besides at Amazon Prime.

BVB closed the group in third place and plays internationally in the all-in-phase of the Europa League. Now it is up to us. We need to take the competition to take the Games. This will be other games than in the Champions League. We have to go out there still in their own hands, like the games. We have to work that we have the continuously — like today — pull.

Dortmund had on Match day 5 with a 1: any chance playful 3 at Sporting Lisbon on next round. In the Bundesliga, there were last with a 2: 3 in the top match against Bayern another setback grew whereby the gap to the leaders to four points.

It's a bit unsteadily this year. We work a lot on it and talk a lot about the consistency. The one team in Germany has always, you have to also acknowledge grudgingly We. Too many games in which we the not this constancy of Laying day. These are the games that are crucial how far we can go in the season at the end. We have to go. Best not to talk so much, but the show on the pitch, Zeus demanded.

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BVB: in the Europa League Hummel's wants to get far

Central defender Mats Hummels spent ambitious for the Europa League goals. We are very sad that we are out of the Champions League out Now we go to the Europa League, as there is logically only one goal. To play the thing as much as possible and to get a trophy at the end, Hummel's said,

On the future of striker Erlang Haaland said Zeus: There will eventually be an issue now you have the feeling that he is not so busy, but is simply great for goals and is pleased that he is fit again, he. Also needs the rhythm. He's a player who has many more options available to us in our game. We'll see. He knows what he has here. In the end he has to decide. I think he already makes the decision.

BVB coach Marco Rose praises captain Marco Reus

BVB coach Marco Rose said, after all, a decent departure from the premier class. The Champions League history this year did not go quite happy. We have not made our goal of getting ahead. That's not good. Now we must look forward, to the Bundesliga, we are in the cup still in the process. Now we play in the Europa League. We want to get better, today was maybe a little step in this direction, the coach said.

A special commendation was Rose ready for double scorer Zeus. On Marco is reliable. I do not have to honor him, he's strong enough. He is our captain, showing since the beginning of the season of the season. The second goal did not make many, he is such a fine footballer, has such a good feeling for rooms and is a fine technician — that's just fun to watch him.

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Champions League: The group C table

Rank | Team | Games | S | U | N | Goals | Diff. | Pkt. - 1 | Ajax Amsterdam | 6 | 6 | 0 | 0 | 20: 5 | 15 | 18 2 | Sporting CP | 6 | 3 | 0 | 3 | 14: 12 | 2 | 9 3 | Borussia Dortmund | 6 | 3 | 0 | 3 | 10: 11 | — 1 | 9 4 | Besides | 6 | 0 | 0 | 5 | 3: 19 | -16 | 0