Chess: Magnus Carlsen only wants against Firouzja to the World Cup

The freshly baked chess world champion Magnus Carlson (Norway) has made hints not to compete for his title defense in the coming year — except, he meet the French-Iranian Wunderkind Alireza Firouzja.

Those who expect I to get to the next World Championship, I'll probably have to disappoint, Carlson said in a podcast interview. The 31-year-old, who last week in Dubai after eleven matches against the Russian challenger Jan Nepomnjaschi had climbed the chess throne for the fifth time, stimulating only Firouzja as a possible challenger.

Firouzja, 18 years old Super talent, is the recent speakers of the chess, in the latest world ranking of the World Association FIDE, he greets now two — only Carlson is better. Besides, the native Iranian is the latest player who has cracked the ELO number of 2800.

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If someone else wins the candidate tournament than Firouzja, it is unlikely that I am at the nearest World Cup, Carlson made it clear. The World Cup does not have so much importance for Carlson, who wool his chess career but not finish.