DFB: Women's initiative renounces its own presidential candidate

In the power struggle for the boss at the German Football Association (DFB), the women's initiative Football can do more on its own candidate. In any case, in this situation, we can not advise anyone who has a task and reputation to a candidacy. It must already give the opportunity to win, said initiator Katja Kraus in the wait interview.

You have the impression that almost 100 percent of football interested people want a renewal of the DFB, 17 association president, all men, but decide that everything should go on as before, said Kraus, It's not a real choice, there The national associations more than 60 percent of the votes combine. The result was long ago, criticized national goalkeeper Azimuth Schultz.

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First candidate on the DFB boss in the election of the successor of Fritz Keller on the Bundestag on March 11, 2022, is Bernd Bettendorf, the current co-interim president Peter Peters is the outsider in the race. The nomination period runs until 10 February 2022.

By giving up the group far away. We will observe the development and are always ready to set up a great team, said training: In this situation, however, we want to burn anyone. The procedure is in transparent. And who chooses at all? The electoral men are mostly sent, which is said how to vote.

Meanwhile, the Women's Initiative will put its fight for gender equality in German football in the future on a broader foundation. The group will institutionalize for all those who are just as convinced that football can more, give the opportunity to participate and bring their commitment, it said in a statement on Tuesday.

The enormous response and all the support offers made it clear how many people the desire for renewal moves in football, wrote the Need Group, who had first published a position paper for the first time in May. However, the initiative has also received power demonstrations and fear of loss of control clearly, said Kraus.

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