Formula 1: Lewis Hamilton from Prince Charles to Knight struck

The British Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton (36) has been beaten by Prince Charles to Knight. Three days after Hamilton's dramatic defeat in the fight for the World Cup against Max Stopped (24), the son of Queen Elizabeth II raised the Mercedes pilot at a solemn ceremony on Windsor Castle in the noble stand.

Hamilton briefly chatted with the Price of Wales and proudly posed with his Order, he was accompanied by his mother.

After Hamilton had won his seventh World Cup title in the previous year, with a record world champion Michael Schumacher, the Buckingham Palace announced in December 2020 that the Briton is raised in the knight's level. The ceremony had to be postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Hamilton was appointed in 2009 after his first World Cup victory (2008) from the Queen to a member of the Order of the British Empire — a preliminary stage to the knight. After winning the fourth title, Hamilton had then versed: If I was knight, I would force everyone to call me Sir. I would say to my friends: 'Sorry please, it's called Sir Lewis.'

For British athletes, the sense of knight means the highest honor by a member of the royal family. Hamilton is after Jackie Stewart, Stirling Moss and Jack Graham the fourth racer, which will give this award.

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It is still unclear whether Mercedes is also formally in vocation formally against the rejected protest from the season finale in Abu Dhabi. The deadline for these runs on late Thursday evening.