Ginter About Corona Disease: It just did not go anymore

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This was followed by fierce days for winters. Meanwhile, the Mönchengladbach defender and 46-color national player is healthy and fit again — and has generally expressed itself in the corona interview about his corona disease and the topic of Corona.

Mr. Winter, Corona was 2021 all year and is still the dominant topic in our society, yes all over the world. For the time being, it threatens to stay like that. They themselves are vaccinated twice and still ill in the summer at Covid-19. How do you deal with this topic before this personal background at the end of the year? Are you extremely careful? Rather relaxed? Or anxious?

Rather positive, because any other attitude does not last. There have been many developments, many twists and theories since the outbreak of the pandemic almost two years ago. When we want to return to normal nature, the vaccine is needed. Personally, I certainly had a heavier course with my Covid-19 disease without vaccination. It was already very borderline anyway. I do not want to imagine what had happened, I would not have been vaccinated. That's why I can only promote the vaccine. For very heavy progressions, the vaccine considers a lot.

Do you still suffer from late consequences today?

No. I had three, four days of flavor loss, but could make sports again relatively soon. But the first two games after the disease were completely different from before or without Corona.

Which after effects did you have?

The condition was missing, the regeneration lasted longer, the endurance suffered. It took about two weeks until I had the level for performance sport. My teammate Ray Bensbaini needed three months. I am glad that I had only one, two weeks to fight.

How was the course with you exactly?

In the beginning I had a little cold, was slightly cold, on Thursday, Friday before the second season game in Leverkusen. That on Saturday, 21.?august, took place. But I did not think much. Since I was vaccinated twice, Corona did not come to mind. But during the game at Bayer, I realized that something was different. I had tried to rush out everything, but after 55, 60 minutes it was not anymore. I then had myself to replace for the first time.

In Leverkusen, they had made their 45.? Bundesliga game from the beginning, in the season 2020/21 all from the first to the last second?...

... it just went nothing more, physically. Tags I made a precautionary of the Corona test with our team doctor to exclude an infection with the virus — suddenly I was positive. Although of course I had heard of vaccinations, this finding came surprising. In retrospect, it was certainly a big risk of having played with Corona. The days between Monday and Thursday were violent.

It took about two weeks until I had the level again for the performance.

Mathias Winter

In what way? What was going on there?

I barely slept in the first night. I was feverish, could not find peace, though I was slammed. It was a very funny feeling. In the smallest action I realized that I was very broken. The few meters from the bed to the bathroom made me so much that I had to recover a few minutes afterwards. It was really very, very violent. I told me if it would not be better in the next two, three hours, I would have to go to the hospital. Thank God I could sleep on that night.

What happened next?

The following day it was a little better, but not much. I was still worried, loss of flavor came to it, I still had a fever and wavered if I should not go to the hospital. Thanks to my condition, God improved from the third day. I am glad that it was so short, if fierce.

How did you change the quarantine?

I spent all the time in the basement. The food was put on a tray down on the stairs, my one and a half year old son was up at the stairs and said: dad, dad! I should come to play.

How did your COVID-19 disease happen?

I don't know. I do not know anyone who had Corona in my environment.

Did you have any pre-existing conditions?

No, nothing in this direction at all.

They are 27 years young and Cupid. How did you deal with the virus and a possible infection before your condition?

Of course, I registered that it could meet younger people. However, I had the opinion that the virus for the elderly is something dangerous. The cases of Bensebaini and the Freiburg professionals Jonathan Schmidt had I noticed, and as you swallow even if it also applies athletes so hard. Therefore, I had always been careful, I had an extra vaccinated twice before the European Championship to stay in the tournament in top form generally healthy and athletic. There was also in contact with the fans, so I wanted to insure myself as far as possible with vaccination. In my case it did not work out.

Have you had during your illness fears about off Long COVID-19 or possibly even an imminent End of career?

At first, it was very annoying because I was sporting out and queuing the first international match under the new national coach Hans Flick. But when I felt so bad, I just hoped that there will be nothing Longer. The football was of secondary importance, the health standing there in the first place when I realized how dangerous this virus to health.

How long have you had to stay in the basement?

Twelve days. Two adopted me because I had negative tests.

The football was of secondary importance, the health standing there in the first place when I realized how dangerous this virus to health.

Mathias Winter

What goes on during such a foreclosure in your head? Dominated loneliness? Despair? Thoughtfulness?

First it is a matter of being healthy again as quickly as possible. And one ponders course, what would it mean if the course would take longer and would have to sit in the basement this time. Or if you like Schmidt would be out six months. You just hope because you can not influence the virus. After all, the vaccine prevented the worst for me. But I have tried to think as quickly as possible positive. When I was feeling better by the fourth day, I brought the circulation going again.

The Freiburg Professional Schmidt was not vaccinated.

Yes, he was not and would probably only worry. He had been infected in August and is now training for only two weeks. In retrospect, it is pointless to discuss, but my belief is that vaccination would have prevented a worse course also with him.

If your recovery was rapid.

Yes, in the international break I did the rehab and then played on 4. Spieltag against Armenia Bielefeld again.

Three weeks after infection. A full 90 minutes.

I do not know how I did that. I had never seen so early to the stadium clock. In this game after 12, 13 minutes. I thought: How can I get through this? Somehow I tortured myself by and fought. But we had a precautionary controls everything and checked out, the heart, everything. And it went well.

Are you now back complete with your exercise capacity?

Matthias Winter vies with Christopher Skunk. Imago images / Jan Huber

Yes, I'm quite some time now.

And in the national team you also gave your comeback.

Yes, it was very nice that Corona after a short time for me personally was over.

What do you feel when you follow the protests of opponents of vaccination and Corona deniers?

It's a bit unreal, because there is enough evidence and arguments that prove that vaccination helps, and it is dangerous to get the virus without vaccine, especially for older individuals. I do not know how this negative attitude may change to vaccination. As spoken by monitoring or enforcement, this is about your own life and that of others, for solidarity in society. Sure — it shows reports — regret many unvaccinated, who had to go to the hospital that they could not be vaccinated.

What is your opinion of a general vaccination?

It's probably difficult to implement, but I would find a general vaccination, for example, from 18 years, maybe useful. Only the way of vaccination leads out of the pandemic.

What did you think when Joshua Gimmick manifested his skepticism about a vaccine?

I can understand the one hand, concerns, even if you have fears. But when it comes to the community, can be as difficult to wait for long-term studies or hope for. Protection is important in severe cases. A certain anxiety I understand, but no Corona deniers or fundamental Impfverweigerer because they undermine solidarity. But that was Jo Gimmick also not.

Have you ever had an exchange with Gimmick about your COVID-19 disease?

No, he had probably already enough around the ears.

Gimmick, Niklas's See, Karim Adam and Jamal Musial la had to leave the national team immediately in November and in quarantine, because Sure had been positively tested on arrival. How did you feel this renewed direct confrontation with the virus?

It was already a special situation because I had not expected that some had to leave so fast after just traveling. One caught as a person again and again that one thinks to be about the mountain, something bad was survived — and suddenly it comes differently.

I do not know how to change this negative attitude to vaccination. There is talk about surveillance or compulsion, it is about your own life and other to solidarity in society.

Mathias Winter

Musial is now vaccinated, Gimmick wants to do it. How do you judge their decision?

I believe, we are on a good way in the national team, which will finish 100 percent.

Are Gimmick and the various vaccine campaigns in the DFB and in the clubs some so far

I hope so much that many fluctuating say, the Gimmick and others have lived through COVID-19 or let vaccinate. But we must not condemn the uncovered that they no longer trust themselves to vaccinate because they are afraid to be asked why they do it so late. You have to encourage them for vaccination.

is Corona also a topic in the Mönchengladbach cabin or at the DFB?

Rather little. It was used to the masks or the welcome with the fist. I hope that everything is gone sometime.

was the survival of the Covid-19-disease for you the greatest victory or success in 2021?

Spontaneously said: Yes. It was important to quickly be healthy and sporty quickly again and that no long-term effects remained. Sometimes you forget that when you are in this tunnel.

Are you a different person at the end of 2021 because of the Corona story as at the beginning of 2021?

No. I had previously made many thoughts about the virus and hoped for a vaccine so that we can get back to normal. Now I have a double vaccination and the COVID-19 disease behind me. Corona was an experience for me to have waived. I hope that everything is again at the old one when we talk about the pandemic at the end of the year 2022.