Ilojuan and his English lead the list of most viewed clips of the Spanish-speaking community in 2021

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Twitch has been the platform by Antonomasia this 2021 thanks to huge figures such as Autoplay, IAI, Juan Garnish or Rubies who have starred a year full of successful successes and numbers. The numerous IAI events have collected millions of viewers, in addition to the concurrent numbers of Autoplay, Streamers emerging that have given surprise as Lojban or pokeys and personalities that have reached the platform as Sir López. This time we will talk about something that we are in almost anywhere and that are always a pleasure to see again from time to time: the most viewed clips of the Spanish-speaking community.

Lojban and the bilingual of him dominates the list

Lojban has been one of the figures and streamers that have been impacted in the Platform Residence after the arrival of Ego land at the beginning of the year. The series created by Alexby11 harvested an incredible success and caused a wave of content creators that are currently entertainment titans such as Jalapeno and Pokeys, the most benefited from this event. Well, Iillojuan would receive an skin from Rust's hand that could only be achieved through the Twitch drops.

This is how he would have one day for another the Rivera amount of 50 thousand people, even at 100 thousand in the highest peak. Is here when Juan realized all the foreign people who were watching him and would give one of the best moments of Twitch Spain: for a full minute, the streamer Malaga spoke in English about how to get the drop between jokes, causing laughter All the spectators available and a clip that already has a total of 267 thousand visits.

Peru and the global world

Another of the events of the year that, as not, organized IAI was the globes world. What started as a joke would end up becoming a competition of the most exciting thing that would leave us all stuck to our screens and with a clear hero along that magical night: of the cross. The Peruvian player had one of the night's points, specifically during the eighths of the end, when he faced the Bulgarian representative. A pair of sorrow pulled the Latin American claw with a point apotheosis in which he left everything.

The Peruvian had the night of him, and he would win the World Balloons World of History. While he had a huge amount of good points and a confrontation before the German representative worth seeing, the public valued this point above the others, since they have seen it more than 125 thousand people and going up.

IAI meets Messi in the PSG presentation

The second position is occupied IAI LLAMAS, the influencer most famous and famous today thanks to everything he has achieved (and it will get) in just one year. From a boxing evening until the presentation of a team, the streamer A busy on numerous occasions the holders of different means, but possibly this is the one that was the only one accredited that met Messi in person during his historic Presentation In the Stade de France, Stadium of Paris Sent German and where the Argentine Castro is currently playing.

Front + Runtergefallen - GamePvP | Twitch Clip As can be seen on the clip, which already collects more than 90 thousand visits, IAI could Extremely, exclusively this meeting and provoked the furor of all the spectators and the anger amongst some of the most famous Spanish journalists. He also made history and there will be no other time like this ever and that is to applaud for him, a person who does not seem to have a roof.

Rubies Send a message to QC

The evening of the year has been the second direct second of the story of Twitch, but without a doubt it has been a milestone regarding concurrent spectators, who did not fall from the million people in everything that lasted the stream. But we'll talk about that later, since we have put you in context for the next clip. Lucius, someone who does not need to present due to the enormous trajectory of it, wanted to challenge QC in a combat of boxing or MMA / UFC in an ironic way and between laughter.

Obviously all this has an ironic context, but this did not stay here, but that streamer Canadian has wanted to respond to influencer SPANISH based on Andorra with scabies, as it says that it will kick the ass, Although you think you need to know your stature and weight. It will be necessary to see if this is finally made reality, since if it happens will be one of the most important events in the history of the platform.

Jagger and the power of broccoli

Now, it's time to talk about the evening of the year and the one who for many (including a server) has been by far the best event of all 2021. While the fight big was the confrontation between Even and Elmiillor, all eyes They were placed in the second fight of the night: Mister Jagger against Byviruzz. There was a lot of expectation against the state of Jagger, since there was only graphic documents about the training of him while the other participants if they showed the process of him, so no one knew what was going to be the form of him.

As soon as we saw his entrance to him to the ring with that tenebrous and lugubrious music, we knew the cravings he had to fight on top of the ring.... And so it was. The clip, with more than 83 thousand visits, was one of the great moments of the night, as it triggered a series of blows and rushes that allowed Virus. He would obviously win the fight, although at first if it is true that he was very close.

Special mention: Dario and the punch in me, Internet

There have been numerous clips throughout this year with many visits, but there is one especially that deserves to be mentioned since although their visits are unknown because the channel is not currently available, it has been one of the clips More seen from the year without any doubt. No, we do not talk about Pokeys and LeBron James but one The punch that propagated Dario EME to Oslo During one of the last I, Internet programs. The clip caused a huge stir in the networks and memes that came from this video were the best of the year.

While initially it seems that it is a violent and delectable moment, it is seen that it is a fuck between friends, and it seems more than it is because it does not really break any tooth, but it was a filling. In the next program, everything was clarified and ended up in a happy ending, but this blow would be the reason why would receive an indefinite form. We hope that next year is full of incredibly fun clips and the platform is dominated by Spanish-speaking users once again.


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