Impact of Genshin: How to beat the Golden Wolf Lord

Genshin Impact (in Chinese, 原神) is a free-to-play open world RPG activity video game with a technician of laceration money making to get extra elements as special characters and tools. It is the third video game created by Photo, after Weapon Girl and also Honkies Impact third. Genshin Impact was officially launched globally on September 28, 2020, on Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and also PlayStation 5 systems.

Version 2.3 has just added another world boss against which players can prove their strength. This can be relatively difficult depending on the composition of your computer and the situation of your healer, so if you have problems with this, here is How to beat the Golden Wolf lord boss at Genshin Impact.

Guide of the Lord of the Gold Wolves Genshin Impact

Where to find Mr. Golden Wolf

This boss could be hard to find if you have not kept up with the latest game updates and world missions. You have to clear the fog on Tsunami Island before you can see the boss, let alone fight against him.

This ghostly wolf is located on Tsunami Island, right next to the closer point of teleportation south of the island. Here is exactly where to find it:

How to beat the Lord of the Golden Wolf

The Lord of Logos is a much larger version of relatively new rift hound enemies that have been added to the game along with Tsunami Island. This means that its greatest fear of entering combat is real; Yes, it can cause the effect of corrosion status.

Golden Wolflord (Easy) Boss Guide - Genshin Impact For those who do not know, corrosion constantly reduces the health of all members of their group, even if they are protected. This will only reduce the HP of the inactive members of the group to 15%, but it can easily kill your active member if your healing is not powerful enough. This is doubly true for a character like HU Tao, which works best with little health.

This means that for this fight you must have a strong healer like Barbara, Kokomo or Jean. The healers of a single goal and AOE as Diana, Mini, Bennett and even Says are also good if their healing power is strong enough.

When it comes to your DPS and Sub-DPS, mostly you will want remote attackers, since Golden Wolf lord flies through the area between the attacks. Gansu, Oriya, Natalia / Child and Niggling are excellent options. Niggling is particularly useful since the boss becomes weak for GEO when he increases him. But if your best heavy weights are not geography and short-re-reach like mine, you will have to wait and dodge much more often.

The Lord of the Dorado Wolf has some main attacks to which he should pay attention, but the most dangerous is definitely the one that causes corrosion. Whenever you throw you the golden flying wolf heads like projectiles, you must dodge them perfectly to avoid the state effect. I managed to do this simply running in a direction around the perimeter of the sand like Ayala until they stopped coming towards me.

The second large attack of the first phase occurs when Mr. Wolf becomes a tornado and comes directly to you. Fortunately, this can be avoided exactly in the same way as flying wolf heads: surrounding the edge of the sand. There is also an attack in which you will move on the floor, and it will charge you, but this can be avoided dodging to the right or to the left.

After the tornado moves or front, the boss will rest in the middle of the area, and now it is a good time to attack. Those moments of rest between the movements of him are really the only time when you can attack with wrestlers at a short distance, so make them count.

Once the Golden Wolf lord HP is reduced to about half, he will create a shield for himself and convene three wolf heads that are on the edge of the area. These wolf heads will shoot projectiles and feed the chief's shield until the loaders with elementary attacks.

The fastest way to load them is to use geographical attacks, but any element will work. Other elements will do the slowest work, but you can actually hide behind those wolf heads while filling your load meter. Most attacks released on your path will hit wolf heads for you, including corrosion attacks.

However, there is a laser attack against which you will need a shield to protect you, unless you can avoid it completely by lifting yourself in the air with characters like Vent or Keisha.

Once the three wolf heads have gone, the boss will remain motionless on the ground for an extremely long time, which will give you the best possible opening in combat to cause serious damage.

When / if you get up, the battle will resume with the lord of the wolves using all the previous movements of it, as well as one that hit almost all the sand, except for a few small and telegraphed places. From there, simply continues the cycle of dodging old movements and attacking during rest times until the boss is defeated.

That's all you need to know How to beat Golden Wolf lord in Genshin Impact. Make sure you check our game guide wiki to get more tips, tricks and other bosses guides if you ever need more advice. Similar items GENSHIN IMPACT celebrates Good launch with an extended game trailer GENSHIN IMPACT celebrates the launch of Arawak into with an extended game trailer Fan of Genshin Impact Create Indium Pokémon Characters in Adorable Crossover Genshin Impact receives a new trailer from Arawak into Genshin Impact receives a new trailer with Good