Netmarble, Donated Rice 2200 for Rice Commemorative Commemoration

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Working together for High-quality, Sustainable Rice (Long Version)

[Kids News 24) Net marble announced on the 13th that it donated 2,000 won to the community (Baek-mi 10 kg) on ​​the community, commemorating the completion of the Euro Shrine.

In March, Net marble, who has been transferring the nest with Shrine Ok Lanzhou, decided to give rice donations through the Net marble Cultural Foundation to practice the local community difficult neighbors and sharing. Donated rice is delivered to the nearby Guru, Geumcheon-gu, Gwanak-gu, and 2,000 households.

Lee Sung Won, the CEO of Net marble Cultural Foundation, said, I think it will continue to be able to share a warm heart and a warm heart in the end of the year.

Meanwhile, Net marble Shrine Data is the 41st floor of the ground, the fourth floor of the underground, and the net marble Company and the affiliate Conway, etc., and various cultural facilities such as Character Park and Convention.

We are providing a natural friendly shelter for nearby residents, as well as employees, as well as employees, as well as employees, as well as employees, as well as employees, and the game museum will also be opened to inform the cultural value of the Games Industry.


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