The trailer of Little Nightmares 2 reveals an exit date for 2020

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Little Nightmares II - Launch Trailer

2017 Little Nightmares will have a follow-up next year. A trailer was published earlier this week, which may have been drowned by all the stuff in Games com. Anyway, the trailer of Little Nightmares 2 suggests that the game will keep its appearance and terrifying design since the first game. It also indicates the new features developed by its predecessor. A new character, new places and new enemies appear in the trailer. Even though it seems that cooperation can be an option, it is in fact not true. The Banzai NAMC publisher indicates that players can only control one character.

The new character introduced is called Mono, that the player will control. Mono is a young boy who will work alongside six, the little girl with yellow raincoat in the first game. Although this seems to open the opportunity to play in cooperation as does the Suite of Unraveled, six will be controlled by computer. Together, Mono and six will work around the world, solving the environmental riddles that present themselves in their own way. While the first game took place entirely on a boat, various trailer tray pieces suggest that Mono and six will explore a wider variety of places.

There is also a pattern of tube televisions or cathodic tube TVs with white screens. Maybe these will be found around the world as checkpoints or something of the same kind, in the way the lanterns collection objects have been used as checkpoints (somehow) in Little Nightmares. Little Nightmares 2 does not have a specific release date, but will be launched on Xbox One, PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch in 2020.

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