Twin Mirror: Psycho-Thriller der Life-is-Strange

The psycho-thriller Twin Mirror (from 13.99 € at Buy) from the Donned Entertainment (Life Is Strange, Remember Me, Vamp yr) was released at the end of last year on consoles as well as in the Epic Games Store and was in the test Games Store retracted a good ranking. Who escaped the title to PC so far, e.g. Because you could not make friends with the distribution platform, now gets a new chance to decipher the dark secret that hidden behind a small town idyll.


As Donned tells, the game is now also available on Steam. And not only that: TWIN Mirror is still offered by the middle of the month with a 50 percent discount, while one can look with a demo, whether the adventure will be as described by the developer as follows: In the psychotriller investigative Journalist Sam the background of his best friend's death. Actually, he had good reasons to leave the town of Basswood two years ago, but now he has to face the spirits of his past. He helps him both old acquaintances and his own cognitive skills, the Allowing him to analyze scenarios from different angles in his thought palace.

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