BVB-Keeper in front of Cup

After the second victory in the second round game, Tor wart Gregor Nobel sees his BVB on the right track. On Friday evening Borussia Dortmund had no chance to his pursuer SC Freiburg at 5: 1 (3: 0 -) — home win.

It was a very, very good game. We have implemented much of what we have made, the BVB keeper was looking forward to the YouTube channel of the Bundesliga club.

Nobel praised his foremen for her aggressive counterpressing, whereby the black-yellow many balls won very early. Besides, we were dangerous to standards and made our goals, the Swiss final man added.

Above all, Thomas Meunière initiated at home win against the Freiburg as a new standard specialist and scored two hits after a corner. Previously, the situations of the situations after resting ball in the current season were always fatal. This time they were it, which had come to success over the standards.

Nobel sees his BVB against St. Pauli

Overall, Nobel was pleased to continue in the table with his team in second place and hopes for a positive development in the course of the coming weeks: There are very many positive things we can take from the game, As it was against Freiburg, we can carry on. I do not mind.

It is important to bring a corresponding performance on the lawn for next Tuesday, if it goes in the DFB-COKAL away from the second league leader FC St. Pauli by the only one in the quarterfinals.


It's a league. We are of course required. It is important to keep going where we have stopped. [...] It will surely get a very difficult game and very combative. It will be hard, looked at it The 24-year-old on the duel with the hamburger ahead.