BVB | Next Wutrede von Zorc: "This is not to be grasped"

A few days after the bitter leaving in the DFB Cup against second division FC St. Pauli there is a mood at Borussia Dortmund Maine mood. BVB BVB Zorcs director Michael Zorn renews his harsh criticism of the team.

An embarrassing bankruptcy against a class deer team, one of three title opportunities definitely away and the sufficient mentality debate in full swing: the 1: 2 at FC St. Pauli on Tuesday was equal to a bit of a bitter pill for Borussia Dortmund in several ways.

No wonder so that the wrath is not smoking at Michael Zorn. I'm extremely disappointed. The team always expires into old mistakes, that is not to be grasped and not to explain. That was a bloodless occurrence. The frustration is very deep because we can not compensate for leaving, said the BVB Manager on Thursday against the Ruhr news \ - not the first angry statement Orcs after the cup.

Zorc Already the day before, the 59-year-old had been found in conversation with the WAS significant words with regard to the manageable achievements of the highly paid staff.

Results from Erlang Haaland far too little for the BVB

We have found too late into the game. After the headline you could have expected that we were bubbling for catching up - instead, in this phase even St. Pauli was more active, Zorn explained from the point of view of the BVB Descent game course in the game Hamburg.

St. Pauli went through a hit by Étienne Amended (4th) early in the lead. Axel Wiesel met before the break to the 0: 2 from Dortmunder visits his own goal (40th). For weak Brussels Erlang Haaland only reduced by trading feet (58.).

little arguments against the mentality problem of the BVB

Zorn found in his analysis little arguments, that the BVB lacks the necessary mentality for such duels as against the leaders of the 2nd Bundesliga.

The coaching team around Marco Rose had the professionals in the run-up to the game clearly pointed out on all necessary elements of the game, on the style of St. Pauli, on the space, on everything, led Zorn. But obviously you did not sound right.