BVB: Why Marco Rose was sick against St. Pauli

After the embarrassing in the DFB Cup at second league leader FC St. Pauli reigns in the camp of Borussia Dortmund helplessness. The differences between the recent Bundesliga gala against the Sc Freiburg (5: 1) and the only four days later following BVB lamination at the millennor. For more detailed consideration, however, concrete reasons for the defeat can be found - also coach Marco Rose has to question his residential choice.

Around nine seconds would have been on Tuesday night to characterize the entire evening of Borussia Dortmund: five minutes before the half-time loses at this time with 0: 1 past BVB in midfield lightly the ball, immediately rolls the counterattack of FC St. Pauli immediately. Jakov Medic, his sign center defender (!), Tracked on the unsorted guest chain, chipping the ball then elegantly right in the free space to Guido Burgstaller, whose flat crossing Axel Witsel digs in her own stitches.


In retrospect, the second prank of the host turned into action, suddenly the boruses previously crowded to a two-door residue, which should no longer be caught up.

You've played a bit of headless in the first pass, Coach Marco Rose stood apart after closing. To that confusion, however, the 45-year-old had contributed to a part to be underestimated with his lineup.

Because: Two of the weakest Dortmund would never have been allowed to play in this constellation on this tristen evening, Rose was horrible here.

BVB: Witsel lack presence and lifness

Although the quality of Axel Witsel and Raphael Guerreiro is undisputed, their development in recent months has made more than clear that both can also be risk factors.

At Witsel, which has recently become 33 and the association is all the anticipation of free-to-release free transfer, has been recognizable for a while that his permanent injury courses have sustainably added in the recent past. The Belgian does not look as sparkling as before, his once praised presence in the midfield has lost him.

Accordingly, the verdict over Witsel after the game fell out: In the net, many fans made the Routinian to the main debt, which is not fairly fairly fairly fairly. Of course, Marco Rose did not help but replace the appearance of the Mittelfeldmann with the Note 5.0 .

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Similarly dark rated the kicker Witsels Performance: The lacquer head had Personalized Tempo Personified and far too rarely for progress in the game build, accounted for the journal.

Guerreiros Offensive Credit is becoming a risk for BVB

Witsel had to fight at the millennor, of course with the mortgage, constantly coming into a tactical and disciplined secondary man: against St. Pauli Raphael Guerreiro once again proved to have significant problems with the role of the left-back.

As an offensive as the Portuguese interpreted his position, almost permanently gave huge gaps on the left Dortmund, which made the opponent over the opponent in both goals. The fact that Guerreiro himself sees himself rather as a midfielder with forward urge, is already known for a long time, but the lack of readiness of the technically fogged national team colleague of Cristiano Ronaldo to the defensive work.

Guerreiro wants to contribute to the front - at the expense of the defense

At Guerreiro voice the balance between offensive efforts and hedging is not, the kicker, which titled the 28-year-old as exemplary for the fragile defense. From Marco Rose there is therefore the Note 4.5 .

To all the abundance brought the left-footed side man Witsel with his excursions regularly in distress: In the case of ball losses, the Belgian had to help either outside or in the defense center, in this case Mats Hummels had moved out. Both had against the breeding Kiezkicker Neverthus of temponate parts.

Rose must find solutions for Dortmund's defensive

The question remains how much guilt coach Rose had to the black-yellow dissolution phrases. After the encounter, the exercise manager admitted to have painfully missing the last molded connecting player Mahmoud Dahoud in the Cup. Alone, the 26-year-old could not have been able to close the opposing spaces.

Next weekend, the BVB is the trend-setting duel with the TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, which is also playing around the Champions League ranks. Rose would be well advised to make some personnel such as tactical changes against the attack-sensitive proteins of Sebastian Hoeneß.

In principle, it is unlikely to be unlikely to be a return to the triple chain that the BVB in the middle of the pocket had practiced for a few weeks. At least Guerreiro would be better off here as a rail player. Meanwhile, for a holding on 4-3-3 and a recurrence of Witsel on the bank speaks. Public player is no longer the 33-year-old at the Westphalia anyway. Whether the defensive weaknesses can be repaired alone, however, can be doubted. Fact is: Rose has to come up with another, better plan. Because his conclusion on Tuesday that the cup-out of FC St. Pauli was simply our fault was explicitly included in the series of co-responsibility. Heiko Lükehus