Xbox Game Pass January 2022 Games: All console and PC

Microsoft gradually smoothed out the field against Sony thanks to its current Game Pass Subscription services. Since it is a very consumer-friendly service, players who have an Xbox or a PC have access to a Netflix-like selection of games that you can play at reasonable monthly or annual prices. Very often, there are new versions that are supplied with the service. Now, since the new year has just started, we look at what games we can expect in January 2022 on the Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass January 2022 Game Lineup

TOP 3 Upcoming XBOX GAME PASS in January 2022 | MUST PLAY So far, there are only three confirmed titles in January:

The Analysis (Xbox, PC)

This is perhaps the most interesting game of this easy installation. The Analysis is a ego shooter where you and three other teammates aboard a stranded spaceship by hordes of extraterrestrial fighting. This game promotes infinitely repeatable mechanics in which every run is different thanks to its Kid river.

If you only know it too well, think of games like Left 4 Dead or Back 4 Blood from last year. The director in these games is identical here in Analysis. Enemy spawns, bosses, weapons and other gadgets will not have the same spawns in subsequent runs.

This game is planned Publication on 13 January 2022 for Xbox One and Series consoles and PC via Steam, Epic Games and the Microsoft Store. The game will also support Crossly between the above-mentioned platforms.

Paparazzi (Xbox, PC)

If you like it a bit more relaxed and sweet, you are exactly right at Pepperoni. In this game, the player makes photos and plays with virtual corner teeth. You can get with you gather or dress you and then make a nice photo to keep these memories. While you play, improve your equipment for better photos by adding proofs such as filters and use different lenses. You can even go so far to share these photos online!

Pepperoni is set to Publication on January 20, 2022, for Xbox One and Series consoles and PC.

Windjammer 2 (Xbox, PC)

If you turn the intensity of Pong to 11, the Windjammer 2. It is a Top-Down Frisbee game with a variety of characters to choose from. The way the Team of Dot emu describes it is pong mixed with Street Fighter, and you can see that. The characters come from all sorts of nationalities and have their own eye-catching movements, techniques and quirks.

This is a direct continuation of the original windjammer from 1994 from the classic arcade days. 28 years later, a continuation is finally in sight.

Windjammer 2 is set to Publication on January 20, 2022, for consoles Xbox One and Series, PC and PlayStation. It will be free in the Game Pass when it comes out.