Fortnite: The new Skins of the 19.30 update are filtered

ALL LEAKED SKINS in Fortnite v19.30 Update! (Monarch Quest Skin)

More discreet than the previous one, the 19.30 update of Fortnite contains its part of new cosmetics. And even if we expect the arrival of the Skins of the collaboration of Uncharted , which apparently will be revealed a little later, new styles have already been added, for existing attire. Ideal for collectors, this means that some original outfits will soon return to the showcase. ## Skins and new variants ## Accessories ### Collection tools ### Rear accessories ### Weapons designs Keep in mind that these are just leaks at the moment! There is no guarantee that everyone will be published in the coming days. EPIC can even decide to delay or even cancel the launch of certain cosmetics. _Contente Original MGG France