Battlefield 2042: Update 3.3 with new point display starts today

Today at 9:00 am Update 3.3 goes online for Battlefield 2042 and supplies the crisis-shaken shooter with bug fixes, changes to control and key assignment as well as the long-demanded revised score display.

In addition to the new placed team against team view, for certain team modes such as conquest, breakthrough, Rush and Team Deathmatch, the losses were also included in the statistics.

The game overview has also been revised and now includes current ingame ping, game information, target progress and tickets as well as personal statistics such as kills, assists and losses.

The patch notes gives EA as follows:


  • A game crash has been fixed, which could occur on Origin or Xbox One, if you used an Xbox One Controller when logging in or unsubscribe
  • In order for the setting of the "chat" button assignment becomes effective, no restart of the game is required
  • Target aid to console has been customized to ensure that the system works even if analog sticks operate at 100% of its range. So far, it was only in distances under 100% active
  • An error has been fixed, by the TakeDowns on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 did not lead to a kill
  • New location of our EU data center in Frankfurt

NEW Battlefield 2042 SCOREBOARD + Update 3.3 Patch Notes


  • Conquest & Break - An error has been fixed through which the EP event "goal is saved" was triggered, even if a conquest point was already fully conquered
  • Hazard Zone - A graphic error has been fixed by which trupp members were displayed during the "game" sequence
  • Hazard Zone - An error has been fixed, which sometimes the EP was not triggered at the end of the round