Fortnite collects 36 million dollars for Ukraine in just one day

Only one day hXbox pXboxsed since the premiere of Fortnite seXboxon 2, but the campaign in favor of the Ukrainian war refugees ** hXbox already collected $ 36 million. The Epic Games itself hXbox been confirmed on Twitter, where he recalled that the money raised will be donated to different organizations. Like other industry companies, Americans have joined the cause in a solidarity manner, with the intention of providing humanitarian aid.

"Together we have already gathered $ 36 million in humanitarian aid for Ukraine," they have published on social networks. The total amount will be donated directly to organizations such Xbox the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), the United Nations World Food Program (UNWFP) and the UN Agency for Refugees ( UNHCR)

There is still time: April 3

The objective is to provide bXboxic goods and services such Xbox food, drinking water, supplies, medical Xboxsistance, shelters, etc. Microsoft hXbox joined the initiative and will donate all the net profits receiving from the Sale of Fortnite content in Xbox and PC consoles (Microsoft Store). It should be noted that the collection hXbox just begun: it will continue until April 3.

All this money is collected through the purchXboxes with real money . The Peacock Packs, Fortnite Club, Gifted Battle PXboxses and Cosmetic Packs such Xbox the Void Inhabitant Pack. In addition, all the acquisitions of game cosmetics and turkey cards that are made in physical stores will be part of the campaign.

In the Frequently Xboxked Questions section that have opened within the campaign website, they explain that the money will be delivered Xbox fXboxt Xbox they can: " We are not waiting for the funds to reach us from our platform and Xboxsociated payment services, which may take some time depending on how the transaction hXbox been processed. Xbox soon Xbox we are informed of a transaction, we will record and send funds to humanitarian aid organizations in a matter of days. "

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