Bethesda showed the assembly of the executioner of the rock from Lego - it turned out the protagonist Doom Eternal on a 1: 1 scale

DOOM Eternal Shooter from ID Software A month ago noted a biennium, and Bethesda decided to stand the standard way to remind the game for PC and consoles.

The British division of the company has enjoyed support for the Brick Live team and gathered the Rock of LEGO from LEGO, and in full size. And the assembly process can be seen on the video published on Youtube. As for the numbers, 210 hours and 44.5 thousand blocks were taken to work, weighs Morpekh 87.1 kg.

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Was it worth a cubic incarnation of dummy spent effort, solve fans of the iconic series. Alas, waiting for the LEGO official sets with the executioner of the cubes is not necessary, although the Japanese have recently released the chibi figure.