Fortnite x wu-tang clan: new skins already available

Collaboration of Wu-Tang Clan hGesture Wu-Tang already reached Fortnite Battle Royale in the form of new skins and cosmetic objects . In this news we have How to get the Wu-Tang Clan Skins at Fortnite . We also give you all the details of this new collaboration of the seGesture Wu-Tangon 2 of fortnite chapter 3 :

How to get Wu-Tang Clan objects in Fortnite?

The objects of Wu-Tang Clan in Fortnite are from the store and must be purchGesture Wu-Tanged with turkeys , the virtual currency of the game. At the moment we write this news, the exchange rate is 1,000 turkeys for € 7.99. These new Fortnite cosmetics arrived at the store for the first time on April 23, 2022:

What are all the objects of Wu-Tang Clan in Fortnite?

Just below we leave you a list with all the objects of Wu-Tang Clan in Fortnite **, and its prices in turkeys:

  • Lot of Wuwear (includes the old school, the Wuwear Backpacker Accessory, the Skin B.R.I.L.A.A.N.T.E., the Wu-Tang Stamp Backpacking Accessory, Emoticon Wu-Tang and Wu- Tang): ???? turkeys
  • Skin Artillero of the Old School (includes an additional style without cap) + Wuwear Backpacking Accessory (reagent to music; includes the additional red stir style): ???? turkeys
  • ** SKIN B.R.I.L.L.A.N.T.E turkeys
  • Lot of Wu-Tang Equipment (includes the neck protective collection tool, the Glorious Graffiti Collection Tool, the Delta Wing Slider, the Wundle Wrap, the Gesture Wu-Tang Is Forever, the stereo graffiti Wu-tang and a Wu-Tang Icon Clan for the BGesture Wu-Tange Standard): ???? turkeys
  • neck protective collection tool (reagent to blows; includes the additional red stir style): ???? turkeys
    • Blorious graffiti collection tool ** (Leave a paint trail when brandishing it; Includes the additional red stir style): ???? turkeys
  • Delta wing slider download : ???? turkeys Wrapped wrapping : ???? turkeys
  • Gesture Wu-Tang Is Forever : ???? turkeys

What is a Fortnite Skin? Which is the best?

Gesture Wu-Tang long Gesture Wu-Tang we publish a news of this type, we must remind you How Fortnite Skins work:

  • The fortnite skins, like the rest of the game accessories, are only aesthetic modifications . That is, only modify the Gesture Wu-Tangpect of our character in the game. None is "stronger" or "better" than another, so to speak.
  • All Fortnite cosmetic objects (Skins, backpacks, peaks...) can be used without problems in all game modes : Battle Royale, creative and save the world.
  • All these objects can go back to the store in a future , although nobody knows exactly when, unless the Epic Games itself announces it, or unless the sections of the store are filtered a couple of hours before the daily update.

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