I have a heart of my heart,

For disabled and social weak, the Japanese organization, which hosts the Barrier Free E-Sports Competition, opens a Street Fighter 5 contests that are conducted on the Gamers with the Gamers with the Gymnasia.

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EPARA announced on the 13th, he said the "Heart Cup) 'is held by the Fighting Game Competition, which is a' alliance 'visual impaired gamers that are not visible at all, The tournament will be held on the 17th on the 17th, Tokyo Mirai House. The events will proceed to the 'Street Fighter 5 Champion Edition', and the players should use only voice information or game pad touches that are output in the game.

There are six players to participate, dividing them into two teams by each of them. The players will take the help of the non-disabled and practice the game, which learns the accurate operation and psychological exhibition. The two teams were "Jeni", which was familiar with the controller that is manipulated into the jaw in Japan.

The game proceeds offline, but the position of the public viewer is limited to prevent Corona 19 prevention. Instead, it is relayed online through the EPARA YouTube channel.