Racing: Sim-Racing more realistic than ever before

Leading racing simulations such as IraCing, RFactor 2 and Raceroom have been technically in the years. Although there are always updates and new content, the actual basis of platforms is often enough until 2013. Only Assetto Corsa Competezione dared optical revision in 4K for the current console generation.

The developers at the Munich Studio Competition Company want things, therefore "something different", according to their own website. "Racing", so the succinct titles of the announced free-to-play racing simulation, should arise from the ground up - based on the latest technological achievements and modern software.

MOST REALISTIC Sim Racing Video Ever?! As the basis, the Unreal Engine 5 is used. First pictures from last week show a detailed BMW M4 GT3 on reflecting high gloss background - but not in motion on a racetrack.

Community and ESPORT IN FOCUS

Since the end of 2020, in addition to the developers, various experts from racing and automotive industry work at the game. The Claim "for Racers - from Racers" should be centrally as a leitmotif.

The Studio wanted to create a racing simulation from the start of the "needs of the eSport and the community" as a pillar. This should result in a "perfect racing game", the "ultra-realistic sim-racing" and driving pleasure at the same time.

So clean that it is reflected - the BMW M4 GT3 in the "racing" teaser.

How exactly this result is to come in detail, the Munich did not share with. For the announcement in the last week, a partnership with the ESL was called. A "competitive system for athletes and teams" is in planning to keep racing attractive in the long run.

In addition, professional transmission options and easy-to-part highlight clips should increase the entertainment factor of racing simulation.

Digital property = NFTs?

A third point on the agenda already splits the community. So it says in the announcement: "You invest time and money in your hobby - and what's in the end? Everything!" In racing, everyone should be able to create his own legacy with individual cars, routes and much more and earn it.

In addition to modding possibilities, a technology should be integrated with a bridge between professional espporters, amateurs, enthusiasts and collectors. As a result, whether an integration of NFTs and the blockchain technology is meant, the development team in the social media has so far.

A first closed beta phase is planned for this summer. The results will then be included until the open beta in the spring of 2023 in the development of "racing". When exactly the simulation for PC should appear as a final, is also unclear how the scope of the game.

Although "large brands and authentic routes" were announced, but as in the end in the free-to-play title in addition to the marks shown, Porsche, BMW and the Hockenheim Ring will not perform the developers.

One, however, has repeated itself in the sim-racing world again and again: authentic driving behavior is always always before the look. The announcement of racing remains spongy. After a large technical promise, racing realism should be clearly felt in beta phase. If this can not follow the presentation, "racing" is likely to get trouble find his place in the market of established.