Total THW dominance: the awards of the final Four

from Hamburg report André Dersewski and Maximilian Schmidt

By pause, it had been heated, tight and always fought before the THW Kiel in the cup finals on Sunday in the middle of the second half took the reins. That at the end of the weekend all three individual awards went to the two outstanding protagonists of the "Zebras", did not surprise.

As the best scorer ** of the tournament, Sander Sagosen was awarded. The Norwegian, who had already marked eight goals in the scarce semifinals against the TBV Lemgo Lippe, put in the final as well as many hits. His 16 goals in Hamburg could not top.

No two opinions existed at the best goalkeeper of the tournament: Niklas Landin pulled both the semi-finals and the final with his parades on the side of the THW. 14 Parades (just under 48 percent fang quota) On Saturday, 14 more followed against the SCM (just under 43 percent fang quota).

OHL, WHL, QMJHL Awards & Canucks, Red Wings, Maple Leafs Prospects of the Year | THW Prospect Corner At best player of the tournament was trained because of the highest HPI (Handball Performance Index) World Handballer Landin. The Dane, who is left the record cup winner in the summer of 2023, presented itself in Gala's form in both games and should hardly be equally equal to the THW from the 2023/24 season.


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