Play Expo specialty ,'Retro Market '

I couldn't reverse the past time, but I wrote that memories remain, so I wrote a long hesitation and just erased it all. In fact, this doesn't seem to need. Is the best specialty of Play Expo and the most popular corner? If you are a gamer, you can't pass the corner, 'Retro Market'.

HUGE SUCCESS at my first Video Game Expo! Memories of game consoles and games of memories. Even the packages of old games that are hard to find now and discontinued game consoles. Isn't it a very popular corner because it's a rare opportunity to look back on classical sensitivity and memories. I took a picture and went around for the purpose of covering, so it was time to go. In the meantime, I haven't taken a picture, "Hey, this was fun, but this is it?"

Anyway, you don't need more explanation. Let's take a look at the Retro Market, a specialty of the Play Expo, where you can play a classic game, live or watch. It was scheduled to open at 11 o'clock, but it was so popular that much more people visited than expected.