Standards: Just the efficiency counts, not the capacity

66 years ago, the national published the ranking of German football for the first time. Since that year, 1956, the content team has actually been assembling their heads every half-year, suggested, discussed-and ultimately elects in which players experience the award.


performance in the evaluation period

In the evaluation period for this summer season position, the games that were played in the first fifty percent of 2022 for the clubs (in the league and also in the national and international mug competitions) as well as for the national groups (the worldwide suits in June are no more entailed included).

For the classification of the players, it is not their capacity, but only the performance provided emphatically throughout the evaluation period. And this is not simply concerning twist notes, objectives, assists or duel worths; The overall impression of our specialists who are close to the respective clubs and gamers is additionally beneficial for the assessment.

a minimum of 9 needed affordable procedures

The requirement for a category in the Bundesliga position is that a player has at the very least nine-grade-grade competitive operations throughout the appraisal duration for his club or his national group. The players are executed on the placement where they have played most games.

Timeline: All national position lists of the Bundesliga at a glimpse