How to get earth crystals at Stardew Valley

If you are not sure how to get earth crystals in Stardew Valley, Then this is what you need to know. Earth crystals are a type of mineral in Stardew Valley that are used to manufacture, give away and more. The game has a ton of materials to collect them and know how to get each of them can be a difficult task. So, here we will explain how some crystals of the earth can easily get.


The mines are the best place to find and cultivate Earth Crystals in Stardew Valley. You can get Earth Crystals at levels 1-29 of the mine. They are generated from floors 1 to 39, and can even be obtained by killing duggies, which are generated at levels 1-29. You can also get them from Geodes and Omni Geodes.

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Once you find a geoda, take it and take it to the blacksmith to break it. There is a 1/16 probability that your geoda has a crystal of earth. They can rarely get to kill Haunted Skulls and you can even find them in the water while you make a panoramic. There is also a small possibility that Wilderness Golems let them fall.

The Wilderness Golems on the Wilderness Farm map have a 0.05 % probability to drop a glass of land when they die. Finally, these can also be found in fishing treasure chests. Earth crystals are required to create both the mayonnaise machine and the dirt obelisk and even for the geologist's package in the boiler room.

You can use Earth crystals to make a shirt on the Stardew Valley sewing machine or for random missions on the search board. Each mission rewards you with 150 Gy 150 points of friendship. Stonefish will require five Earth Crystals to improve the pond 3 to 5 fish.

And that does for How to get earth crystals in Stardew Valley. To get more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to consult the links below. We also have guides on how to get truffles in Stardew Valley and where to find Robin's lost ax.

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