Alice Fiction, collaboration with the popular rhythm game 'Sythus 2'

'Wonder Planet (CEO Tsunecawa Tomoki, Tokyo Securities Exchange Mothers Listed: Securities Code 4199)', which launches its entertainment service business, is a large promotion commemorative service of 'Alice Fiction' of mobile speed puzzle RPG 'Alice Fiction' (Cytus II) 'Global collaboration will be held from August 10th.


Taiwanese leading game developer Rayark's worldwide collaboration with popular mobile game markets 2 is an Alice Fiction theme song 'Non-Real escape' and non-real escape from Alice Fiction Theme Song when accessing the System 2 from August 10th. Gameplay will be supported by listening to two songs, including the new remix version, and the gameplay will be supported.

System 2 is a game of Rayak's rhythm action genre, inheriting intuitive and easy operation methods that have led to good reactions in the previous work, and adding more colorful notes, operation, and one-level graphics, as well as storyline. It was very popular with.

In particular, based on the highest level of volume and sound sources in which Rayak's know-how was collected, there were a large number of creative songs from all over Japan, Korea, the United States, Europe, and Taiwan. According to the characters, you can play various styles such as Electronic, Rock, and Classic, attracting 10 million global users.

Wonder Planet has added Alice fiction updates with the global collaboration of the System 2, adding new character stories and chapters. If you target the main quest 7-16 stage, 'Chapter 8' will be opened to experience a new story, and the character story that allows you to check the new episodes of popular foreclothes Achilles and Perseus is also released.

In addition to the character pick-up, the world memory pickup and rare draw were renewed today. The overlooking probability of appearance through Gacha renewal is three-star Hippocrates and 3-star Archimedes, and in the world memory drawing, the probability of anxiety of snipers and the appearance of magic flute is expected to seduce users.

If you target the main quest hard difficulty from August 8 to August 12, a bonus event will be held in which each character's anoma or expansion item is doubled. From August 12th, a variety of events for users will be held for users, such as the 'Login Bonus', which provides 50 'key to memory' even if you access the game.

Meanwhile, information related to the World Collaboration, New Events, Characters and World Memory Pickup, which starts at 12 o'clock today, can be found through the official Alice Fiction Game Cafe.


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