Dragon Ball Fighterz: the French Wawa crowned globe champ at the EVO 2022, an extraordinary final!

For the return of EVO 2022 in physics in Las Vegas, France set its flag at the top of the Mandala Bay Hotel.


The French Wawa (his actual name Marwan Berthe) was crowned world champ of Dragon Ball Fighterz this Sunday, after having actually gotten rid of the American Nitro during a totally hysterical grand final. It must be stated that in front, the faves birthed the names of Kayne and also Shanks. Yet Wawa confirmed the proficiency of his game, with a solid mind, qualified of taking a step back in delicate scenarios, regardless of a nearly consistent offensive. Dragon Ball Fighterz is in any type of case a video game that advertises assault, however reviewing Wawa enabled the French to recognize exactly how to capitalize on the great times to pierce nitro. The remainder is currently component of the tale and we let you pay attention to happiness in the shown voice of our 2 French commentators.