How to defeat Zeno and Iron Mask in Soul Hackers 2

In Soul Hackers 2, some bosses are more difficult than others, and, of course, most players will have a hard time. Zenon and the Iron Mask are among these bosses. So, if you have problems, know that you are not al1. This leadership will show you how to defeat Zeno and an iron mask in Soul Hackers 2.

where to find Zeno and Iron Mask

In Soul Hackers 2, Zenon and the Iron Mask are bosses of the 40th level and will surely subject you to the test. To leave the winner from the battle, you will have to maintain vigilance and speed on your feet.

Want to know where you can find Zeno and an iron mask? Zenon and the Iron Mask are in Ozaki troops Hope B 10F Oblast in Soul Hackers 2. Although you can think about them as ordinary bosses, they are not at all like that.

Firstly, the iron mask has three demons that he will call in the battle to overthrow the opposition. So, you must go morally prepared. In addition, if you hit the iron mask, Zenon immediately counterattacks vengeful fidelity.

Avenging fidelity is an attack that imposes the effect of printing on the attacking member of the group. This will not allow you to use ordinary attacks for a certain period of time.

How to defeat Zeno and Iron Mask in Soul Hackers 2

When you enter the battle, Zenon launches a flurry of attacks in the area, after which the iron mask launches powerful attacks with damage from weapons. As soon as you apply enough damage, the iron mask will cause the first demon, strength.

Strength should not bother you, because it does not pose a big threat and can only apply physical damage. It will not be difficult for you to go through it.

Follow the Abyssal Veil, one of the techniques in the Arsenal Power. This can hide the spontaneous weaknesses of Zeno, making him immune to most damage.

When you defeat the strength and continue the attack, the iron mask health band will be depleted to such an extent that it will call silky to help in battle.

Silky will not cause damage; Instead, she will treat allies, thereby prolonging the battle that will be disappointing. Therefore, it is recommended to first deal with Silky, and then continue.

However, as soon as you think that you won the battle, Zenon will surprise you with the Ward of the contract. This is a step that will completely change the attitude of Zeno.

To cope with this, you should have a diverse set of skills at your disposal. Thus, you can use the weakness of Zeno, regardless of what it switches to.


When you almost finish with an iron mask, in extreme cases it will cause a voura. Here you must continue in the same spirit and continue the attack on the iron mask, ignoring the demon.

Since you will be subjected to a lot of damage, it is recommended to treat yourself from time to time to stay alive. Iron Mask will fall only after several hits. As soon as the iron mask is defeated, all his demons will die with him.

Now you will stay with Zeno. Now all our attention will be transferred to Zenon, which will simplify the task. Zenon has the ability to eat Saturday, which allows it to absorb any Saturday and turn them into health.

As for Zeno, that's all you need to worry about. To prevail, use an omnipotent attack to break through the defense. After the absorption subsides, continue to attack his weaknesses until Zenon falls.


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