PS5 New Minor Change Model: Appeared soon -Is it released on September 15 in Japan?

Worst It is still PS5 that is still difficult to obtain due to lottery sales, but maybe the supply number will be stable with this new appearance., which mainly deals with game-related information in Australia, reported that the new PS5 has reached the Retail in Australia today. This time, there are two models discovered: the digital version of CFI-1202B and the disc version of CFI-1202A.

This is the second model change of PS5, and the main change is the weight reduction by reviewing the internal components, following the first model change.

According to, it is 3.4 kg for CFI-1202B and 3.9 kg for CFI-1202A, reducing about 500 g to 600g compared to the model at the time of release.

In addition, the Geo's online store, which mainly deals with video games, has a store page of the machine, and it states that it will be released on September 15.

Since the release in November 2020, lottery sales have been continued, and the PS5 is still difficult to obtain, but we hope that this will be a little easier to get.


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