I will be a food fighter! Tokyo Game Show 2022 food repo that tasted from cheese dog to meat rolled rice balls [TGS2022]

How much is the food for food court dishes?

In response to the questions that I was worried about every time various events, the survey team headed to the food court of Tokyo Game Show 2022 **.

The Tokyo Game Show (TGS 2022), the largest game exhibition in Japan, held at Madurai Jesse, Chiba for four days from September 15 to 18. The event, which has all the games related to games, such as new games, PCs, peripherals, and smartphones, also had a food court that secured a space for visitors to eat and drink.

If it is an event of the same size, there is an area where you can eat food. In TGS2022, kitchen cars were lined up outdoors. There is no collaboration food, and it is a dish sale with shops in Chiba Prefecture. I think some people may have the image of food and drink at the event venue, or the amount is small. So, in this article, I saw what kind of dishes were actually eaten in TGS2022.

This time, the navigator is the popular cosplayer Mayor on (@mayu_RONNIE) , who also belongs to the Pokémon Unite gaming team. She is a 160 cm tall girl, but she has an average of 39 kg to shoot, and she is usually controlling. She seems to be more interested in eating as much as she watches a great-eating YouTuber channel if she has time.

So, in this interview, I had the limiter release and had to eat. Her mood is a food fighter, so her fans should pay attention to their bullish remarks unlike usual.

Chiba Umakapiya (@chibaumakkapeya)

First, this is exhibited at various large-scale events held by Chiba Prefecture. For the event, there were plenty of skewers that were easy to eat with one hand, not just this shop.

Beef psycho-steak skewer 600 yen

Mayor on: If she eats a bite, she has a very strong and soft beef flavor. It feels good that it is flat dice and easy to eat. In this case, it seems that 10 or 20 can be eaten deliciously in Rocky's procedure!

Chiba Kichibake Strawberry Smoothie 600 yen

Mauro: It is said that it contains strawberries from Chiba Prefecture, natural sweetness and sour, sour, and raw strawberry blue flavor, so it is a smoothie that feels good. Today (September 16) is hot, so the coldness permeates the body.

Chiba Pizza Lakota (@LACOTTA0407)

At the shop of Biko, pasta, cheese, and prosciutto were prepared, mainly the most popular stone kiln-baked Pizza. At this time, the choice of future, not skewers, may have made a mistake in the food fight. It was the amount that could be full of just this pizza and pasta set. But it's good because it was delicious!

Including Iberian bacon! Neapolitan (with potato) + Pizza 1300 yen

Mayor on: A set of potatoes coated with freshly baked pizza, Neapolitan with Moroni bacon, and cheese coated.

Neapolitan contained Gordon and cut bacon, meat, peppers, and onions, and the fragrance of herbs drifted slightly, so it seemed to be eating at a delicious coffee shop in pasta.

The pizza has a thin fabric, freshly baked and crispy. The compatibility with cheese is perfect. One-cut was a large and unsatisfactory, but I am sorry that I only ride one cut.

I thought that potatoes were garnish, but they are seasoned well, and it seems that you can enjoy it even if you come out with this alone.


It sold American long potatoes and cheese hats, centered on very popular kebab sandwiches. What I was worried about was the cheese hat, which is packed with mozzarella cheese. I could choose ketchup if I liked it.

Cheese hat 500 yen

Mayor on: Put on cheese and ketchup and mustard. This is just delicious! I was surprised at the taste that I had never eaten.

The outside clothes are very light and crispy, all inside cheese, cheese and cheese! Cheese with no habit enhances with a simple mustard and ketchup.


Meat-rolled rice ball skewer 500 yen

Mayor on: It looks like a Frankfurt, but if you look closely, the sliced meat is wrapped around. When a bite, the seasoned rice looks into the face. No one dislikes the compatibility of rice with soft meat and the taste of meat!

Manitoba 500 yen


Mayor on: It's a proud Manitoba who has won the Union Championship for three consecutive years. The service for those who ordered Manitoba asked me, Would you like to make a large serving? And seemed to be reluctant to say I'm okay, so I made it a big deal (laughs). ) I wanted to drink with cola at the royal road sauce Manitoba using mumps.


To be honest, I was looking at the volume of the food court sweetly. The average price of one item is 500-600 yen, but I think it is worth the volume. I was able to verify that two skewers would be full of two skewers, Manitoba or Neapolitan al1. In addition, there are many local gourmets, so I found that the value is high because it is a dish that can only be eaten here than buying a bakery lunch at a convenience store for the same amount.

Mayor on, who longs for a food fighter, burns his fighting spirit to keep desserts.

For the time being, I left the food court on this day and went to the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 to the trial play corner.

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Shooting: Aka Yogi (@osefly)


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