How to catch bugs on a coral island

Around the coral island, the whole world of insects wanders, and the museum and your wallet can benefit from the fact that you will catch them. Here's how you can collect beetles on the island for donations and profit, as well as some tips that will help you in your entomological journey.


where to find bugs on the coral island

Zhukov can be found almost anywhere on the island, if you know where to look. During the day, study areas remote from large groups of people. Empty places around cave and beach as a rule, your best choice.

By evening, beetles imprison and begin to wander along the main roads. This usually happens after the inhabitants of the village begin to go to bed. You can still find insects in empty sections of the field.

Tips for catching beetles on the coral island

To catch beetles, you first need to perform a quest Visit a beach hut . The fulfillment of this quest will introduce you to Sunny, as well as to Eleanor, a local expert by mistakes. It will give you a grid from beetles, which opens the opportunity to catch beetles. Catching Zhukov is an exciting activity that requires energy, so do not forget to take a snack with you if you think that you will do this all day.

It is easy to scare insects on the coral island, so you need to move carefully if you want to catch them. When you have a network, and you notice a beetle, hold the left mouse button while going to the insect. This makes your character creep up to the beetle, and not run on it.

If you are approaching the beetle and an exclamation mark appears next to it, stop for a second. If you continue to move to the beetle, when he finds out about your presence, the circle will continue to fill up. As soon as the circle ends, the beetle will start and run away. To prevent this from happening, move slowly and try to evaluate whether you are close enough to get to the insect before the circle is closed.

As soon as you approach the beetle, your nest casts a V-shaped shadow that shows the area of space that it will capture after release. As soon as your goal is in this place and will be highlighted, you will understand that it is time to slam the network by releasing the left mouse button. This will catch a mistake.

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