How to get a Floating Dream Catalyst in Genshin Impact - Statistics, Update Materials and more

Genshin Impact version 3.2 is now available on all platforms and brings a lot of new content to the world of Tevet. A remarkable addition, in particular, was the weapon to A Thousand Floating Dreams. It is a 5-star catalyst that is certainly developed for Bahia's new character. If you are wondering How to get the catalyst for the thousand floating dreams in Genshin Impact Then here is a complete guide for you.

How to get the catalyst for a thousand floating dreams in Genshin Impact

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The catalyst of a thousand floating dreams can be achieved through the desire for a epitome invocation weapon event during the Genshin Impact version 3.1. The desire of the event will be executed from November 2 to November 18 and the weapon will receive a higher drop rate during this period of time.

Before leaving, be sure to look at the statistics of the weapon and ascension materials, so you can plan your agricultural strategy in advance.


Catalyst of a thousand floating dreams: statistics and ascension materials

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The catalyst weapon of a thousand floating dreams has the following statistics at its base level:

attack - 44.34 Type of substitute - Elemental Master Exp. - 300000 Basic substitute - 57.6

To improve weapon statistics, you will need the following ascension materials in Genshin Impact:

20-40 -Reminiscence of Oasis Garden X5
-Damaged prism x5
-Fungi spores x3
40-50 -Oasis goodness Garden X5
-Damaged prism x18
-Fungi spores x12
50-60 -Oasis goodness Garden X9
-Turbo prism x9
-Glowing pollen x9
60-70 -Oasis mourning Garden X5
-Turbo prism x18
-Glowing pollen x14
-Morey X45000
70-80 -Oasis Garden X9
-Radiant prism x14
-Crystalline cyst dust x 9
80-90 -The truth of Oasis Garden X6
-Radiant prism x27
-Crystalline cyst dust x 18
-Morey X65000

That is all you need to know about unlocking the catalyst of a thousand floating dreams in Genshin Impact . Before leaving, do not forget to consult some of our other GENGHIS IMPACT-CONTENTIO RELATED HERE IN DLPRIVATOSERVER, including a summary of all Scarab locations, all banners of version 3.2, as well as GENSHIN IMPACT 3.2 Card codes.

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