What a infarction self in this Fall exclusive clip, a thriller that opens in October

In the lt decade, the mobile h accompanied us everywhere. Everyone h ever taken a self, but have you done it hanging on a communications tower more than half a kilometer high? Better to leave that for films like Fall, the thriller who starts precisely from that premise. In the clip bent to Spanish that Meditation h obtained exclusively-you can see it on these lines- You breathe the tension the protagonists feel When their mere existence hangs from a thread.

Becky and Hunter are two intrepid women who live their lives to the limit. One day they decide to cend to the top of an abandoned communications tower , without being aware that they will end up trapped and without a way to get back. 600 meters high, without anyone who can sist them, the survivors will have to use all their skills and skills to get out of an apparently impossible situation.

This is Fall's main ct

Grace Caroline Curry. Although the action focuses especially on them , actors Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Walking Dead) and Mon Guiding (Scream) are also part of the production.

Fall h been directed by British filmmaker Scott Mann , responsible for films such the great tournament, the blow of the century or the lt play. The production, which is in charge of those responsible for 47 meters (by Johannes Roberts), promises to be an adrenaline thriller. Since its premiere in the United States, the film h reaped success in several territories, especially in Mexico and Russia.

Fall We wanted to create the definitive film about the fear of heights , so we reviewed other films on this topic, and we were polishing our script to bring history even further, said the director, who also acts a co-guy. To create such a story, you have to put on the character's skin, you have to see through their eyes, make the trip with them and cend that mountain. It is a joint experience. We wanted to get that feeling of being very high and feeling a very human fear. That is the axis of history.

In Spain, it will be releed only in cinem on October 7. **