Bayonetta 3: The best tips for getting started

After eight years, the adventure about the eponymous witch in Bayonet ta 3 continues. So that the nasty monsters do not add too much, and you can enjoy the end of the story, we'll tell you:

  • Why the evading is so important
  • What weapons you should use when
  • Why the demons are so helpful

Right Dodge in Bayonet ta 3-that's how it works

Bayonet ta has a number of moves, to give the opponents properly on the lid: beat, step and shoot. All of this can be strung together into impressive combos with which you do every demon and angel.

So that the attacks interlock perfectly, you have the witch time available. With the Bayonet ta slowed down everything around you and can thus shoot your combined point account.

To trigger the special ability, you have to avoid opposing attacks at the right moment . You can recognize the perfect moment by blue-purple stripes. If the witch is activated, you can go back to the counter-strike.

is looking for the hidden verses

In Bayonet ta 3, too, nothing works without money. At Rodin, you can increase your arsenal for so-called halos and acquire cosmetic objects for the witch. Because of the new threat, angels have become rare. These opponents ensured a constant replenishment of Halos , at least in the previous parts.

There are hidden verses in the latest offshoot, where you meet angels that reward you with halos . These are combat encounters that are not part of the main story and mostly rely on their own enemy types and rules. Therefore, always look around well in the areas. Most of the time you discover blood tears, treasure containers or the hidden verses away from the main path.

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the right weapons for the right opponents

Bayonet ta's trademarks have always been their four pistols: one on every hand and one on every foot. But the small projectiles are not helpful against every enemy. It is therefore constant that uses the right weapon for the right opponent type.

Bayonet ta 3 offers the largest and wildest weapon selection so far . A total of 15 unlockable weapons can be used in the battle. Most of the bullies will be handed over automatically during the story at Collector or Rodin.

In general, the opponents of a new chapter are very susceptible to the latest weapons you just got. TIP : Nevertheless, always use the weapons that best fit your way.

If you prefer to distance and keep enemies from a safe distance, you should rely on projectile weapons. On the other hand, you whiten with the blades or like brachial and blunt violence, uses swords, war subjects, yo-yos or hammers.

All weapons foundations in Bayonet ta 3

In the following list you will find out where and when you get which weapons in Bayonet ta 3 :

Color My World: After completing the prologue G-pillar: visits the hell gate from the middle of chapter 2 GNIS ranee yo-yo: after completing chapter 3 Dead End Express: after completing chapter 6 Simon: after completing chapter 9 rabbit libido-bz55: after completing chapter 9 Tartarus: after completing chapter 11 Abracadabra: after completing chapter 12 cruel Alter: after completing the main story Handguns: after completing the main story Arena: Find all Umbra Tears of Blood in Chapter 3 and defeats the Phenomenal Remnant Cassiopeia: concludes The Phenomenal Read from Chapter 14 Rodin: Defeat Rodin after you have bought the Platinum Ticket for 999,999 Seeds Scarborough Fair: is unlocked when a Bayonet ta 1 storage stand is available Love is Blue: is unlocked when a Bayonetta-2 storage stand is available

calls the demonic friends to help

Bayonet ta has been on demonic assistants since its series start. In Bayonet ta 3 you can not only request your support, but actively take control of the demons. The former is called Demon Slavery and the latter demon masked.

Which demon is at your side and when you stand by the selected weapon. Because the pistols, swords and the like are connected to a demon. For example, Madeira Butterfly can only be found to the field with Bayonet ta's magical handguns.

10 TIP : The demons each have their own strengths and are therefore particularly effective against certain opponents. Thanks to its size, Gomorrah is able to crush entire hordes of enemies, while Goon performs devastating combination attacks in his war campaign.

But the selection of the demon is not only decisive for the course of the game in the fight. Thanks to the new ability Demon Mastered , turn yourself into the brood of hell. The Mictlantecuhtli brothers give Bayonet ta the ability to uncover invisible enemies, with Alpha's wings you can slide for a short time and jump particularly far thanks to Gomorrah.

Which weapons and demons belong together?

  • Color My World and Madeira Butterfly
  • G-pillar and Gomorrah
  • GNIS ranee yo-yo and phantasmaranae
  • Dead End Express and War Train Goon
  • Simon and Alphas
  • Rabbit libido-bz55 and Baal
  • Tartarus and Umbra Clock Tower
  • Abracadabra and Mictlantecuhtli
  • Cruel Alter and Labolas
  • Arena and Alkane
  • Cassiopeia and octopuses
  • Rodin and Tougher Rodin

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