Blockchain, Wemade's strategy to grow its ecosystem

  • Topic: Remade's platform strategy

  • Lecture: Name-Kim Seok-hwan / Remade Public Chain Vice President

  • Presentation: NFT

  • Lecture time: 2022.11.17 (Thu) 16:00 ~ 17:00

  • Lecture Summary: In this lecture, Kim Seok-hwan, vice president of Remade, explains the development direction of Remade's platform that started as a blockchain game service using Clayton's side chain and the service spread strategy such as Devi/NFT.

■ Remix 3.0 and Layer 2, the process to become a blockchain platform

Kim Seok-hwan, vice president, explained that Remade's current strategy is a successful building of the blockchain platform. In fact, this is somewhat different from the traditional platform. In the global market, various terms such as chains, solutions, and infrastructure are mixed. Remade, however, adheres to the name 'platform' to help the game company's DNA and the game industry's partners.

'Remix Play' is a blockchain game platform that shows it, and it is a chain where multiple games, including Mir 4 global, are on board. It focused on effectively designing game traffic, and was based on private chains, and in the past, Clayton's side chain was used. Since then, the company has launched the main net, Remix 3.0, and has been moving to Remix 3.0, and is trying to fill 100 game onboarding that we have made as soon as possible.

The reason for the Remix 3.0 was because the private chain-based platform faced limit after the launch of the Remix play. In order to break through this, Remade launched the EVM-based Public Main net Remix 3.0 in the second half of this year, and from Mix Play to the Devi Service Remix. Fi to the stable coin, the Remix dollar. Built. In addition, the NILE project, which focuses on the DAU, is developing in various ways.

Kim Seok-hwan said that he will enter the Ethereum Layer 2 based on the roll-up-based Ethereum Layer 2. The Layer 2, which is mixed with side chain, confirms transactions in a back-end and server called sequencer, unlike side chain, which does not depend on Ethereum security. In other words, it depends on the security and consensus of the main net.

In the meantime, Ethereum takes a long time until the block is confirmed, and the TPS is also a low transaction at 13-17, so there is a question of whether it can function on time as a currency. Therefore, Ethereum Main net has been preparing for supplementary measures by taking charge of consensus and security, not running layers, and leaving the rest of the execution parts. The method is the composition of Layer 2, and Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, has continued to discuss this.

Currently, there are two major mentions in the Ethereum ecosystem layer 2 solution roll up method. Among them, the Optimemicals, which are the most popular, are operated in a seven-day grace period, considering that there may be wrong transactions under the assumption that all the right transactions. EVM compatibility is high, so it is good for DEX service, high security, and low technical difficulty, but there is a disadvantage that a grace period is required.

Another method is that OK Roll up is operated as a procedure that confirms that this data is correct without checking all the existing data, and is still in its early stages of global. Therefore, EVM compatibility is not guaranteed, and the technical difficulty is high, but it is reflected immediately if only the evidence of the gander is required without the need for grace period. Remade predicts that OK roll ups will be the trend in the long run if only technical problems are solved.

When Remade enters a roll-up-based layer 2 solution, he will run three solutions: Remix 3.0, Remix Play and Ethereum Layer 2. Then, the We Coin predicts that it will be used as a native coin that connects it, a means of showing the value of the Remix play, and a governance token in Layer 2. Based on this, it is a vision that Remade draws with the Ethereum Layer 2 construction that the yes coin-based ecosystem is interconnected and developed.


To this end, Remade will run the Layer 2 test net in the first quarter of 2023. However, the completely OK roll up is difficult, so as an optimist roll up. It proceeds. In the second quarter of next year, the Epidemical Roll Up Invalid Certificate will be operated, so that several teams can be based on Remade Chain in the Ethereum ecosystem. In the fourth quarter, we operate a hybrid roll up, the optimist roll up, but we will introduce OK roll up technology to shorten the grace time. And in the fourth quarter of 2025, if the proprietary speed is fast enough, the company plans to switch to OK roll up.

Kim Seok-hwan, vice president, explained that he is preparing in various ways by conducting a joint project with a subsidiary. In addition, the OK Research Center will be established and expanded by recruiting domestic and foreign researchers to dominate in the OK roll up.

■ Mexico and blockchain ecosystems operate new projects to become a furnace

Kim Seok-hwan, vice president of We Mix, also mentioned the new projects in addition to Ethereum Layer 2. In particular, unlike other blockchain-related companies, Remade has the advantage that it is easy to activate because the service is diverse. Based on this, it is also accelerating a project to build an ecosystem and create synergy.

One of them is the Crypto Dollar Service, which issues the Remade Krypton dollar on the cryptocurrency. This means not a stable coin, but a coin that can be used as a dollar in the blockchain crypto scene. It is issued in a CDP method, and if the cryptocurrency is repaid as a collateral, it is a mechanism to find collateral assets. If the dollar is a complete cash backup, it has improved accessibility by allowing you to use your virtual assets. In addition, there are several additional measures to increase profit access.

In addition, the decentralized exchange, which supports transactions between cryptocurrencies, will also be introduced. Converters will support stable swaps, while also providing aggregator-linked structures to increase capital efficiency compared to existing DEX and lower fees. It also supports metapols and operates governance to form stable value of Remade Crypto dollars.

Clear, who has a lot of stories in the market recently, is a Defy protocol that provides leverage investment as a core service, and when Burundi and Converters are built, they build a money Lego between the three to create a self-service synergy. Vision. In addition, we can additionally to 'WISHLIST', a marketplace that lists and trades plurality of multi-chains, not subordinated to specific exchanges or chains based on liquidity providers and a specific exchange or chain. I am preparing.